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"Romper room" in the 1920's sextrade, is a room used for sexual purposes. 

http://sv.urbandictionary.com/define.php...omper+room a children's cartoon in the 1970's

today the term romper room is also used in fraternities to describe a room used for sex. 

Also makes me think about the term Dim uses when he speaks to Alex in Kubricks A Clockwork Orange. After Dim's questioned Alex's leadership and challenged him: 
Alex: "Anytime you say"
Dim: "Doo-bee-doo. a bit tired maybe. best not say more. bedways is rightways now. so what say we go homeways and get a bit of spatchka. right, right?"

since the bear in the show romper room used the tag line "do-bee-doo".
Also makes me think of Scoo-be-do.
And, the australian film Romper Stomper. Which brought russell crowe to fame. In it, he's a nazi looking person stomping on people. Or something, it was a long time since i saw it.
Perhaps the symbology is that he's stomping on the rompers of the world, like nazis stomped on the romper rooms in berlin in the 1930's. Here are some beta kittens from Salon Kitty: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_Kitty

The Cartoon:
Internationally aired, targeting 5 year olds and younger, for 40 years. #InternationalDisaster

Origin: Baltimore, USA, Romper Room Enterprises, Claster Television. Claster was owned by Hasbro between 1969-2000. Yes, that's Hasbro, the children's toys production company who uses the slogan "making the world smile". And I wonder, smile at what exactly?


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