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women and pet-names

07-03-2015, 01:59 AM #1
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A warning to all women: if a man calls you my "little" something something, he's putting you down. 
if he pets you like he'd pet an animal, he's putting you down. 
if he likens you to an animal; he's putting you down. 

These tools are used in mainstream sexslave producing media, and subconsciously infecting the minds of otherwise stand up real men. 

Just like women are subconsciously infected to act like sluts without any dignity at all. 

I read about a woman in the business sector who dated an english lawyer who thought he was all that. 
as he called her one day with an offer too incredible to believe (which it was, it was a bad deal created to make her invest and loose her money, to him, a scam) he left a message that sounded like this: 
"hey anne, my litte (!) poodle (!), i've got a business deal, you just haaaave to look into. call me!"

two absolute red flags right there. 
she didn't invest and later found out it was a scam, just as she suspected. 

not all men are like that, but if they say such things, you should alert yourself on the pronto. 

take care all, men and women

have some dignity, have some honor.

only love can