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The Final Cut - Robin Williams

06-30-2015, 11:42 PM #1
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I found this a short while ago and am still at the beginning, hadnt ever heard of this film, it was in the thriller section. Without spoiling it Robin WIlliams plays a cutter, someone who edits peoples memories for a memorial for their families and loved ones but they are for people who are less then desirable who's families dont want their secrets to get out like sexual abuse and whatnot, so its a pretty interesting plotline and seems very original to me!

So far in the film theres a shady company called EYE tech, so anyway enough said for now, so far its a fairly good film, its good to see Robin Williams playing much darker characters, he does just as much justice as he done in his more lighthearted stuff!!

So far nods to shady organisations and possible organised paedophiie rings, the whole ethics and morals of what they are doing by covering up abuses and crimes.

Heres a wiki link to it there are a lot of spoilers so dont read if you dont want the film ruined!!


Heres a fairly good copy, am watching it on netflix or something!