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What to do if you are a victim of mkultra cult abuse.

06-29-2015, 06:55 PM #1
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I have been collecting data on this for quite some time now. Obviously there is more for me to add and learn in time but since there is not a lot of information available for the victims and some of them are circulating here. Here it goes. 
The first thing you need to do is cut off contact with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. If you have been monarch programmed then chances are most if not ALL of the people in your life have some tie to the cult or are programmed themselves. The cult doesn't like surrounding their victims with non-cult members. You will also need to purge most of your belongings for two reasons. Some of your possessions will be triggers (you probably won't even realize it) and you most likely have some trackers on you. Their favourite places for trackers seem to be electronics. You would most likely have something on your phone. It still works if it is off so you could take the battery out but I would recommend just getting rid of it. You will have to change your number as well.  iPods, computers, and other devices shouldn't go unnoticed. You may even have something in your car. You will of course need to leave your hometown. You can't get far enough away. Another country would be preferable. I would stay away from the USA, Canada, England, Rome, and Germany. They have different factions in different areas so leaving your faction is important. Some areas are worse then others. You want to stay away from places where there is an abundance of the overly wealthy and I also wouldn't recommend the very small towns. After you've cut everyone off and you've left, you can start meeting new people which are hopefully not connected to cult. Be wary of anyone that approaches you randomly or that has connections to anyone you used to know. The cult generally like to keep out of view of the general public so if you can live with a non-cult member (who isn't programmed) then that would be ideal. Please also remember that they don't let their members and victims marry anyone who is not involved or programmed by the cult in someway so if you have a significant other then chances are you may have to leave them behind too. Walking away from the people in your life, friends, family, is the hardest part and it is how they usually get people back. I recommend changing your name legally as well because it creates a blip in the medical system and makes it harder to pull up any of your files which are most likely influenced. Then you can get a new passport with a new name on it. (They can put devices on passports as well). Obviously be wary of who you tell your history too. You never know how things can get out and spread and who is connected to who. 

I will be adding more to the post soon about which steps are necessary to take and I will also be including information on how to combat programming, be deprogrammed and integrate the split aspects of you. It is a hard journey but it can be done! Mind control victims are not hopeless or beyond saving! I'll share what I can. I wish it could be said simply but there is SO much to say! 

And to those of you who are not programmed who are reading this, please do not live in fear. They need your help and we are already at war. This effects ALL of us! We can't sit idly by. We need to speak. We need to stand.