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10-09-2016, 11:28 AM #1
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I'd like to introduce you all to something which I don't think has been brought up here before                [Image: dcg30o.jpg]
Overwatch Logo                    
To start off with, ever since I was a little kid I've enjoyed a video game or two. I find it a relaxing and fun pastime. A couple of years ago I heard about a new game in production. It was being developed by one of the most successful video game companies in the world, "Blizzard", and it was supposed to feature some really exciting and unique teamwork and strategy elements. So I was quite interested in it. Earlier this year, I was invited to play its Beta (the stage in a game's production where the game's makers allow the public to "test" the game, for glitches or issues. A prototype of sorts)

I was happy to play it, and the game had some really fun moments. But there were a few things that caught my eye.

Before I get started here though, it will help if you've read some of VC's articles on Transhumanism (Link), so you know where I'm coming from. In fact here's a few quotes for those too lazy, like myself:
  • "It is about the future of transhumanism. It is about the creation of a “hybrid” breed of humans, their integration in various fields of human activity, the change of legislation to protect their rights, the creation of a new luxury market selling transhumanist enhancements to the rich and, of course, the creation of weaponized robot-humans to be used by the military...."
  • "....the inequalities provoked by transhumanism would create widespread anger and riots. Transhumanism is bound to only help the elite while the masses turn into an inferior species...."
  • "....it is safe to say that there is conscious effort by the elite to make it [transhumanism] part of our reality. Videos games are, of course, not exempt from being “touched” by the elite’s agenda" -VC (on Black Ops III)
So, now that's out there, on with the game's story, which is set on Earth in the near future. "Overwatch" were originally a team of heroes who were formed by the United Nations to combat the threat from the once-peaceful "Omnics". Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by "Omniums", automated robotics factories which were built by Omnic Corporation to bolster manufacturing and create economic equality worldwide. These Omnium factories were installed with with self-improving software algorithms which eventually became self-aware. As such, the Omnics were endowed with the capacity for free will, and also souls. Omniums started producing a series of lethal, hostile Omnics, which turned against humankind. Overwatch went to war against these hostile Omnics, defeated them, won the war for the United Nations, and saved humanity! Hurrah! Overwatch maintained peace across the world for several decades in what was called the "Overwatch Generation," but several allegations of wrongdoing and failures were leveled at Overwatch, leading to a public outcry against the organization and in-fighting between its members, prompting the United Nations to investigate the situation. During this, an explosion destroyed Overwatch's headquarters in Switzerland, killing multiple members. The United Nations passed the Petras Act, which dismantled Overwatch and forbade any Overwatch-type activity. (Captain America: Civil War, anyone??...)

The game itself is set some years after this Petras Act. Tensions between humans and Omnics have never been higher, particularly after the assassination of an Omnic spiritual leader. Human-omnic relations are a hot topic, with questions existing as to whether Omnics actually possess rights, and what would happen if they received the right to vote. Corporations have started to take over, fighting and terrorism have broken out in parts of the globe, and there are signs of a second Omnic War occurring in Russia. Former members of Overwatch decide to reform Overwatch despite the Petras Act, recruiting old friends and gaining new allies in their fight. And that's pretty much where the game starts off, and you begin playing.

[Image: 11vsgo8.jpg]          [Image: o94fpy.jpg]         [Image: 2la7e51.png]               [Image: 2vnrxw7.jpg]
The Overwatch team                                Omnics attack                                            Omnics attacking human cities                          Looks like this robot chose the side of the humans and paid for it
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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform"
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10-09-2016, 11:30 AM #2
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Let's look at some of the game's characters, and the interesting things about them.

Zenyatta is actually an Omnic. One of the "good" Omnics. He seemingly has a serious Tibetan Monk swag going on, with his meditation poses and his baggy red and yellow clothing. His nine "orbs" also seem to relate to the Chakras of eastern religions. Some of his poses and sprays (sprays are a variety graphics/symbols that players can spray around the game world like graffiti) are distinctly reminiscent of Avalokiteśvara, again a figure important to Tibetan Buddhism. His name could also be a play on "Zen", a school of Buddhism.
[Image: Zenyatta-portrait.png]  [Image: Spray_Zenyatta_Enlightened.png]  [Image: Spray_Zenyatta_Balance.png]  [Image: Spray_Zenyatta_Nine.png]  [Image: Zenyatta_VP_Balance.png]  [Image: Zenyatta_VP_Harmony.png]  [Image: latest?cb=20160829123540]
          Zenyatta.                    "Enlightened"                              "Balance"                                "Nine"                                    "Balance"                            "Harmony"                            "Transcendence"

The last image in the row is particularly interesting. He is apparently forming a representation of what is called "The Iris". The Iris is essentially a god figure, worshiped by a "clandestine order of Omnics" known as the Shambali. This is their logo:
[Image: latest?cb=20160519014820]
Now are things starting to look familiar, fellow VC readers? The Shambali basically arose after the Omic War, set on building social harmony between Omnics and Humans, and seeking spiritual enlightenment. Millions around the world have embraced the Shambali's message, and they have become international icons.
Another strange thing about Zenyatta is that despite his apparent Tibetan Buddhism, he has two skins of the Egyptian god Ra. (Skins are what you can buy to change your characters appearance in the game. Basically dress-up)
[Image: Zenyatta_Skin_Ra.png]  [Image: Zenyatta_Skin_Sunyatta.png]
Lastly, here's a few quotes from Zenyatta. "Pain is an excellent teacher", "Pass into the Iris", "Walk along the path to enlightenment", "We are in harmony", "The Iris embraces you"...

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform"
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10-09-2016, 11:32 AM #3
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Pharah is a human. She wears a flying, armored, combat suit called the "Raptor Mk. V". Which is basically designed off the appearance of a falcon. Ra/Horus is the Egyptian falcon god of the skies. Her name "Pharah" is based on "Pharaoh". Pharaohs were seen as the earthly manifestation of Ra/Horus.
Here's some images of her interesting sprays, skins featuring the god Anubis, and her eye tattoo.
[Image: Pharah-portrait.png]  [Image: Spray_Pharah_Play_Pharah.png]  [Image: Spray_Pharah_Scarab.png]  [Image: Spray_Pharah_Statue.png]  [Image: Spray_Pharah_Tattoo.png]  [Image: Spray_Pharah_Wedjat.png]  [Image: Spray_Pharah_Wings.png]
           Pharah.                    "Play Pharah"                                 "Scarab"                                "Statue"                               "Tattoo"                                    "Wedjat"                                  "Wings"
[Image: 34pb4tg.jpg]  [Image: km7RCzB.jpg]  [Image: Pharah_Skin_Anubis.png]
              Tattoo                                 "Jackal"                                "Anubis"

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform"
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10-09-2016, 11:35 AM #4
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The mother of Pharah. She is a sniper. During a past battle with a friend who betrayed her, she lost an eye, which is something that also happened to the god Horus. She also has the a similar eye tattoo (on her good eye) to the one her daughter has.
[Image: Ana.png]  [Image: Ana_Skin_Wadjet.png]  [Image: m8gvw1.jpg]
           Ana.                                     "Wadjet"                            Tattoo.

Symmetra (Before you ask, no, my name has nothing to do with her) is a "Hard-Light Architect" who works for Vishkar Corporation (corporations run the world in this game despite it supposedly being about heroes). Vishkar Corporation developed a “radical” and revolutionary technology called Hard-Light. This technology allowed Vishkar Corporation to create physical objects with light. Vishkar created the Architech Academy to recruit  “Architechs” to create world-changing creations with this Hard-Light. Symmetra was recruited during this process and became one of the greatest Hard-Light Architects. Working for Vishkar Corporation she helped create a city entirely out of Hard-Light called "Utopaea". It's worth pointing out that Vishkar Corporation showed it's true colors when it promised to redevelop cities in Brazil and instead began enforcing strict laws and curfews, using citizens as cheap labor, in order to achieve a "more orderly society".
So if you weren't entertained by the idea of a powerful group that is all about "light", and extorts and uses humanity as it sees fit, then here's Symmetra making a pyramid out of light with her Third Eye placed at the top, and then her wearing her Kali skin (Hindu goddess (or Devi) of death, time, and doomsday and often associated with sexuality and violence).
[Image: Symmetra-portrait.png]   [Image: 2iaqw69.gif]   [Image: tumblr_o7nscdgUrW1r61mabo1_500.gif]   [Image: latest?cb=20160826151214]   [Image: latest?cb=20160826151238]
        Symmetra.                                    "My Reality"                                                    "Creation"                                                            "Devi"                                                              "Goddess"

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform"
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10-09-2016, 11:36 AM #5
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So back to the transhumanism (which again, I won't explain specifically, as VC has done a much better job at that). These were just a few of the playable characters in the game.  If you go look at the full list you will see that a great number of them are either robot, cyborg, or have robotic parts/modifications to them. The game widely revolves around human's relationship with Omnics (robots), and how they view each other. And it's essentially a story of robots, who gain souls, and their path to becoming human. And, yes, while this game is mainly marketed as a happy, bright, colorful, kid-friendly game, it's actually very dark in parts. Take these images for example from the Omnic-Human war, that look like something from a WW3.

[Image: mafj1z.jpg] [Image: 2nsclqg.jpg] [Image: 2rep8c2.jpg] [Image: 2yvpao3.jpg]

Look also at the deeply political sides to the game's story.

               [Image: 33486j9.jpg]                                                        [Image: 1sgltg.jpg]
Humans protesting against Overwatch, before Overwatch got officially disbanded.                                       Humans rioting with Omnics against the Police, in a futuristic London.
If you look at the signs on the right, you will see they are protesting against being "watched".
Moral of the story = protesting against invasion of privacy makes you lose your heroes.

The brainwashed French "programmed sleeper agent" known as "Widowmaker" assassinates the spiritual guru and leader of the Shambali, at a rally.
Before he died, the leader spoke of a future of unity, common hopes and dreams, and "all being one within the Iris". All the omnics and humans in the crowd were clearly wildly supportive of peace and love and togetherness and all that good stuff. One human and omnic are also clearly in a romantic relationship.

So no, I reject the argument of complete innocence for this game. The general themes of transhumanism are very clear, as are the multiple other dark themes. Something is going on here, and this otherwise-pleasant game has been touched by a hand that's put a very strange twist into it. And while you might freely disagree and claim it's all coincidence or unintentional, you have to at the very least admit that the game is accustoming people to some very odd and dicey subjects.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform"
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10-09-2016, 12:29 PM #6
Al Mualim
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I'm not surprised about this to be honest. It is worrying though considering how popular it is and how many people play it. Thanks a lot for putting a lot of effort into this topic. So much symbolism. Dodgy

Are you fulfilling the rights of your Lord, body, family and place of work?
Peace be upon you! 
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10-10-2016, 02:28 AM #7
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Overwatch but what
Do they really
Want us to

Believe? May hap
That we are
Constantly being watched

By Who? By
The Formless and
Only Invisible God

But the symbols
In the game
Tend to be

Contradictory to the
Belief In The
Unfathomable Creator of

The human mind
God Is The Greatest Indeed
and In Deeds for

Having made the
Human mind able
To fabricate such beauties

With or without any means, it is only The Unimaginable God Who Creates everything
There is no god besides The Formless and Only Unique and Indivisible God
"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never
miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me"
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10-16-2016, 01:50 AM #8
Thy Unveiling
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Yet another popular game chock-full of symbolism giving away their true agenda

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your bang-on analysis. The Kali-like character and the Iris one are extremely disturbing

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

There's only one true judge and that's God; so chill and let Our Father do His job
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10-16-2016, 01:48 PM #9
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Well done @Sym , and thanks for sharing.
Overwatch logo itself is highly symbolic and features as above so below, golden gate, and ascension...

Truth is precious it's guarded by God
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4 hours ago #10
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