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The Nonsense from the IMF thread

10-05-2016, 11:25 AM #1
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The IMF once again shows it is nothing but a mouthpiece of the (self-proclaimed God's chosen) globalist communist bankers. 

Quote:Global debt has hit a record high of $152 trillion, weighing down economic growth and adding to risks that recovery could turn into stagnation or even recession, the International Monetary Fund has warned.
In a worst-case scenario the IMF also fears that a wave of populist politics across the US and Europe could send globalisation into reverse with protectionist policies hitting international trade, investment and migration, sending the world plunging into a prolonged period of stagnation.

The warning came after the IMF cut its growth forecasts for a series of countries around the world, leaving Britain the fastest growing economy in the G7.

It is urging governments to help troubled banks in the worst-affected parts of Europe, spend more money on boosting economic growth where possible, and reform economies to increase GDP – as well as pushing to keep borders as open as possible.


1. Economic growth is required as a constant to keep asset prices from falling and ideally growing to keep the debt funded asset Ponzi scheme from collapsing 

2. "Populist politics" means anti-globalist / nationalist politics which self-proclaimed god's chosen hate. 

3. Anti-immigration means a halt to white genocide and nationalism will reinforce white pride and white countries. 

BTW: debt is just accounting entries. Both sides of the ledger can be written down.  But you'll never hear the IMF say that as globalists and their shabos goy (at the IMF) will never put the people of a nation before the interests of the self-proclaimed gods chosen globalist bankers.
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10-05-2016, 05:06 PM #2
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Mo's knees
Both are created particles
Constantly vibrating against each other
Out of Fear and Awe of The Supreme Being

The earth itself is a particle
Liken it to any of your eyes
Or even the inner eye of the mind
Can you see it?
Suspended in space

Silently rotating
Every second by His Permission
Along with the sun
Burning intensely every second too
Only Through His Power

Can you even begin to
Comprehend His Power
Doesn't it simply awe you?
How can He Keep them always afloat
Never colliding with each other

God's Greatness Is Great Indeed
His Deeds Immensely Powerful
What greater pleasure can there be
For a true slave of The Almighty
To keep on magnifying His Mightyness

There is no god besides The Formless and Only Unique and Indivisible God
"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never
miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me"
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10-07-2016, 09:08 AM #3
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Lies, Damned Lies & Sadistics: The IMF’s Role as Bankster Enforcer

“We make or break human life every day of every year as probably no other force on earth has ever done in the past or will ever do again.”

The above rather dramatic quote comes courtesy of one Davison L Budhoo, a former International Monetary Fund economist who in 1988 broke ranks with the Fund, publishing a scathing 150-page resignation letter. In it he accused the organization of corruption, self-interest and deceit.

Not that the Fund, then headed by Frenchman Michel Camdessus, was particularly fazed by the allegations. In those days there was no Internet, so the story didn’t exactly go “viral”; in fact, it barely got a mention in the mainstream or financial press. As such, following a spattering of articles in a few specialist newspapers and magazines, Buddhoo’s accusations were quickly forgotten.

The IMF breathed a sigh of relief, brushed off its Brook Brothers jacket and continued about its business. No inquiry or investigation was launched, no changes were made to the Fund’s operational policies and no heads rolled.

Such aversion to change has become a defining characteristic of the Fund. The result is that while the global economy may have changed beyond all recognition in the last 35 years, with countries like China, India and Brazil rising to the fore, the IMF’s role within it seems to have remained locked in time. The only difference of note (apart from the fact that, in the ballsy, perma-tanned Christine Lagarde, it has its first ever female managing director) is that instead of preying primarily on the world’s poorest, weakest and most defenceless nations — many of which have since become big creditors — the IMF, now a protagonist in Europe’s dreaded Troika, has its sights set on much bigger trophies.

The chicken, it seems, has finally come home to roost. Now it is Europe’s turn to feel the sharp taste of the Fund’s medicine. Slowly but surely the hapless inhabitants of struggling eurozone countries such as Greece, Portugal and Ireland are beginning to realize what many Africans, Asians, Latin Americans and Eastern Europeans learnt through bitter painful experience in the seventies, eighties and nineties — namely that when the IMF, armed with its balance sheets and a calculator, comes calling, you’d better hope you’re out.

For the IMF is, in plain speaking terms, the global banksters’ number one enforcer — a role it has executed (pun intended) with fervor and aplomb ever since the Bretton Woods agreement (though it wasn’t until Nixon’s launch of the floating exchange regime in 1971 that the organisation began forcefully dictating economic policy to supposedly sovereign nations).

The Fund is essentially to the big global banks and corporations what Luca Brasi was to Vito Corleone or, to cite a real-world example, what Francesco Raffaele Nitto was to Al Capone. But rather than use real violence, or even the threat of violence, the IMF’s henchmen have far subtler means at their disposal, as John Perkins, the author of the best-selling book Confessions of An Economic Hitman, explains:

"One of my jobs as an economic hit man was to identify countries that had resources like oil and arrange huge loans for those countries from the World Bank and sister organizations. But the money would never go to the actual country; instead it would go to our own corporations to build infrastructure projects in that country like power plants and industrial parks; things that would benefit a few very wealthy families.

"So then the people of the country would be left holding this huge debt that they couldn’t repay… That’s when the IMF comes in [saying] ‘We’ll help you restructure your loan, but in order to do that you have to meet certain conditionalities. You have to sell your oil or whatever the coveted resource is at a cheap price, to the oil companies without restrictions.’ Or they would suggest the country sell electric utilities, water and sewage, maybe even its schools and jails to private multi-national corporations.

According to Perkins, it was only when a national leader took a rare principled stand, refusing to sell off all of their country’s resources to international conglomerates at bargain basement prices, that the real goons, or what Perkins calls “the Jackals,” would be sent in, as is alleged to have happened in the highly suspicious deaths, in the early eighties, of Panama’s leader Omar Efraín Torrijos Herrera and Jaime Roldos, the democratically elected president of Ecuador.
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