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Ami Go Home: The German Movement to End US Military Occupation

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Germans hate the US military occupation of their nation.  The US refuses to sign a peace treaty so is still technically "at war" with Germany. Why not, the Jews who control the USA have been milking Germany of hundreds of billions by virtue of their Jewish fairy tales enforced by law.  

The US military occupation enables the USA to control Europe via NATO and the Jewish neo-cons in DC to provoke war against Russia to keep the bear from having "influence" in Europe. Of course this will fail as Russia's resources are vital to all of Europe. 

The military occupation will end and the criminal FRG Corporation set up by the (Jewish) UN in 1945 will collapse and Germany will reinstate its constitution and the Reich.

Quote:A US military convoy has completed its grand tour across Eastern Europe with over a hundred armored vehicles greeted by anti-war protesters at the gates of their base in the German city of Vilseck.
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Since March 21, around 120 vehicles, mainly Stryker AFVs – which took part in the Baltic drills near the Russian border – drove 1770 kilometers through Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and the Czech Republic.
The US military said that it was their longest road march across the territory of Europe since World War II.

It has been more than just a road-show, with aircraft involved in the war games, circling above the convoy in the skies.

German hatred of the military occupation has existed for 70 years. 

Their departure from Germany can't come soon enough. 

With "friends" like them who needs enemies. 

Ami - go home! (Similar: Yankee go home; English "! Go home" for "go home!") Was after the Second World War, particularly in Western Europe in the sphere of influence and the Eastern Bloc common slogan or a political slogan, [1] [2] is directed against the presence of US forces in a country. In Germany, the slogan was in the early stages of the Cold War by an eponymous song by Ernst Busch known [3] (to the tune of Tramp Tramp Tramp !, arranged by Hanns Eisler!); he found himself on early propaganda posters of the GDR. [4]

(Translated from German by Google so not perfect)

Posted for correction Thanks Ray Alpha
To listen YouTube - Ernst Busch - Ami go home

Ernst Busch - Go home, Ami! Ami, go home!
Go home, Yankee/American! Yankee/American, go home!

Was ist unser Leben wert,
Wenn allein regiert das Schwert
Und die ganze Welt zerfällt in toten Sand?
Aber das wird nicht geschehn,
Denn wir wolln nicht untergehn.
Und so rufen wir durch unser deutsches Land:

What is our life worth,
If only the sword rules
and the whole world disintegrates into dead sand?
But this will not happen,
because we do not want to perish.
And thus we shout through our German land:

Go home, Ami! Ami, go home!
Spalte für den Frieden dein Atom.
Sag: Good bye dem Vater Rhein.
Rühr' nicht an sein Töchterlein --
Lorelei -- solang du singst,
Wird Deutschland sein!

Go home, Yankee! Yankee, go home!
Split your atom for the peace.
Say: Good bye to the father Rhine.
Touch not his little daughter--
Lorelei - as long as you sing,
Germany will exist!

Clay und Cloy aus USA
Sind für die Etappe da.
„Solln die „german boys" verrecken in dem Sand".
Noch sind hier die Waffen kalt.
Doch der Friede wird nicht alt,
Hält nicht jeder schützend über ihn die Hand!

Clay and Cloy from the USA
are here for the rear area.
"Let the "german boys" bite the dust.".
The weapons here are cold .
Peace will not get old,
If not everyone keeps the hand protecting over it!


Ami, lern die Melodei
Von der Jungfrau Lorelei,
Die dort oben sitzt und kämmt ihr goldnes Haar.
Wer den Kamm ihr bricht entzwei,
Bricht sich selbst das G'nick dabei.
Uralt ist das Märchen, traurig, aber wahr!

Yank, learn the melody
from the virgin Lorelei,
who sits there on top and combs her golden hair.
He who breaks in half her comb,
himself breaks the neck by that.
The fairy tale is very old, sad, but true!

Go home, Ami! Ami, go home!

Laß in Ruh den deutschen Strom!
Denn für deinen „Way of Life"
Kriegst du uns ja doch nicht reif.
Gruß von Lorchen: „Bon plaisir"
Der Kamm bleibt hier!

Leave in peace the German river!
because for your "Way of Life"
you will not get us ready.
Greeting from Lorchen: "Good pleasure"
The comb stays here!

Ami, hör auf guten Rat:
Bleib auf deinem Länggengrad,
Denn dein Marshall bringt uns zuviel Kriegsgefahr.
Auch der Frieden fordert Kampf.
Setz' die Kessel unter Dampf.
Anker hoch! Das Schiff ahoi! Der Kurs ist klar!

Yank, listen to good advice:
stay at your longitude,
Since your Marshall brings us too much war danger.
Even the peace demands fighting.
Put the boilers under steam.
Anchor up! The ship ahoy! The course is clear!

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and here, the social democrats tell that the antifa terrorists get money...


These guys have the audacity to call all these people "nazi", despite the fact, Germans, French, Greeks, Turks, Iranians, Russians, Palestinians etc march side by side.
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All this is against German law. German law says, Germans are humans by default, not "persons".

A person can't have human rights, because its legally a thing, a trade good, like a corporation.
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