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Satanist "Red herring"

06-28-2015, 12:28 PM #1
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I read about the supposedly fake murder of sharon tate, the manson killings, seemed convincing. there was a military connection there.

so, it mentioned that when the military is involved in these operations, known as Magik?, they like to throw out red herring trails involving satanists because especially in religious united states, a majority instinctually react agains anti-religious crimes the desired way; appalled, horrified and condemning of the assailants.

what do you think? 
do you know any other possible operations where the military throws satanist herrings to hide their trail?

A thought just occurred; if it's so easy to fake news in the us, imagine how easy it is in less evolved countries, and, in countries where internet and access to information is scarce.

link to the material: 
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