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MK Ultra

08-22-2016, 03:33 PM #1
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Does anyone here understand what is MK Ultra and can anyone here explain it?
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MK Ultra is about mind control. To make it simple, people (kids usually) get tortured in order to make them have multiple personalities (MPD disorder), which allows to "program" them and make them do what you want.

But it's a much more complicated process, and I believe that satanic rituals and satanic possession come also in the equation.

You can read this for starters :

And this book :
"How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave".
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Mk ultra from my perspective is an ages old technique of systematic familial and individual for of mind control.

Originally refined (supposedly) by the nazis as Mind Kontroll Ultra

And later taken by the Cia and stuffed into project paperclip.

There are levels of MK used. Some generational, such as the conditioning of the masses in many subjects. (Boys used to wear pink and girls blue, after Hitler it switched for example)

Controlling women in the kitchens of their own homes with "add an egg so you don't feel useless" store bought cake mixes.

To convincing the world Satan is coming, and Muslims are bad, and christians are insane, and jews are evil, etc.

Some organizations use mk tactics, not only hollywood, or the cia, or what have you. Even smaller organizations do, such as so called satanic organization "mothers of darkness"

Families will be devastated controlled and within 2 generations the victims don't even notice interference. 

Some groups use drugs, some use satanic ritual, some use new age cult system. Got military and such program delta assassin's out of young boys.

Some military use young men and women for science experiements.

The nazis worked very hard at perfecting Mind kontroll, using families, and especially twins.

Could go on more but research is best. There's many layers to it, other than SRA.

Economic factors, educational factors, music, art, basic needs... the easset fallback is mental illness. If anyone begins to suspect they're being controlled by a broadb network of people, they can easily be diagnosed paranoid, case closed. Sad

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Here, will tell you more then you'll ever want to know about MK.  

If you want to explore beyond that book theres a multitude of names you can look up.  They all have books of their own.  Brice Taylor, Kathy Sullivan and Cathy O Brian to name a few.  

So you know,  its not exactly a subject for the light hearted.  Some things can't be unseen.

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blue forest
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Google "Laurel Canyon" if you want to go deep into MK Ultra theories.

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(08-22-2016, 07:03 PM)Alex Wrote:  Here, will tell you more then you'll ever want to know about MK.

If you want to explore beyond that book theres a multitude of names you can look up. They all have books of their own. Brice Taylor, Kathy Sullivan and Cathy O Brian to name a few.

So you know, its not exactly a subject for the light hearted. Some things can't be unseen.

thats true, somethings can't be unseen or unread. I read many articles on this site and was okay but the one VC did on Kim Noble was too much for me. I unconsciously found myself taking a short break from visiting the site. It was wierd. But i cant handle reading Cathy O'brien or Brice Taylor or others even though i have found excerpts from their books here and there.
Mindcontrol isnt just about the average individual but fracturing the collective psyche.
This is an excellent piece from Jay Dyer
'Fragmentation of the psyche and the Nous'
this great paper by Joe atwill and Jan Irwin
and this aswell
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