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Lebanese Christian murdered in the US for being an Arab

08-17-2016, 06:38 AM #1
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Welcome to Donald Trump's America, where Vernon Majors killed his Lebanese neighbor Khalid Jabara for being a "filthy Lebanese, ay-rab, Mooslem."

Khalid was Christian, not that it mattered.

Vernon Majors had also tried to kill Khalid's mother just last year and spent only one year in jail for it, to be released back and the police telling the Jabara family there was nothing they could do. Khalid was killed minutes later.
They're calling this an "unusual fixation." But if the tables were turned and Khalid had been the person to who killed, this wouldn't have been someone with an "unusual fixation."

The limits of "unusual fixations" stop when someone's skin ends up in a different shade of blonde, and when their name maybe just maybe indicates them not praying inside a Church.

So dear American media, I've fixed your headline for you.

Quote:Khalid Jabara was worried.

Last year, his mother had been jogging through the family’s quiet Tulsa neighborhood when she was nearly killed in a vicious hit-and-run. Police quickly arrested Vernon Majors, who, according to a police report, confessed to the crime and even offered a motive, calling the Jabaras “filthy Lebanese.”

On May 25 of this year, however, Majors bonded out of jail.

That’s when he returned home — right next to the Jabaras.

On Friday, Khalid learned that his next-door neighbor, the man accused of harassing his family and attacking his mother, was now armed.

“Khalid called the police stating this man had a gun and that he was scared for what might happen,” his sister, Victoria Jabara Williams, wrote on Facebook. “The police came and told him there was nothing to be done.”

Minutes later, Khalid was talking on the phone with his mother when he stepped outside to get the mail.

Majors was waiting for him, police say.

The 61-year-old opened fire, fatally wounding the 37-year-old Khalid, according to police.

After a bizarre standoff involving bare feet and a six-pack of beer, Majors was arrested. He will be formally charged with first-degree murder as soon as he is released from a hospital later this week, police said in a news release.

“This certainly is a tragedy … but this is not a whodunit,” Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker told The Washington Post, citing one eyewitness account as well as the history of problems between Majors and his Lebanese neighbors.

What is a mystery, at least to the Jabara family, is why Majors was released from jail 10 weeks ago.

“My family lived in fear of this man and his hatred for years,” Victoria Jabara Williams wrote. “Yet in May, not even one year after he ran over our mother and despite our repeated protests, he was released from jail with no conditions on his bond — no ankle monitor, no drug/alcohol testing, nothing.”

“This man was a known danger,” she continued. “Our brother’s death could have been prevented.”

Police confirmed that Khalid Jabara had called 911 minutes before the shooting. Officers responded to a report of someone knocking on the Jabaras’ windows but did not question Majors and left at 6:40 p.m. — just eight minutes before the attack, Walker told The Post.

The sergeant acknowledged that the killing raised questions about how authorities handled the neighborhood feud. 

“The Constitution allows for people to bond out,” Walker told The Post. “That said, certainly, knowing what we know today, decisions would be made differently.”

Majors — whose full name is Stanley Vernon Majors — had a history of violence before moving to Tulsa, Walker said. Court records show he was convicted in 2012 of assault with a deadly weapon and making “criminal threats” in San Bernardino County in California.

Majors appears to have moved to Oklahoma shortly afterward.

The problems with his neighbors began almost immediately, records show.

On Aug. 6, 2013, Khalid’s mother, Haifa Jabara, filed a restraining order against Majors, who is white. In the complaint, she said Majors had “harassed” and “stalked” her by “knocking at windows late at nite, harassing me with ugly sex words over the phone, taking pictures and harassing my helper in garage.

“He is very racist towards foreigners and blacks,” she wrote.

Majors responded by filing his own restraining order against her son, Khalid. Majors accused Khalid of harassment, vandalism, trespassing by placing notes on his door as well as “e-mail threats and blackmail.”

It was Majors, however, who was arrested and charged on March 18, 2015, with violating the restraining order.

“F— you and I want to kill you,” Majors told Haifa, according to a police report. “Jabara also stated to officers that Majors said multiple racial slurs to her today in her driveway.”

Majors, who the report said was intoxicated and “chugged his beer” instead of putting it down, was also charged with obstructing police.

Tensions between the two Tulsa households only increased over the summer.

“He repeatedly attacked our ethnicity and perceived religion, making racist comments,” Victoria Jabara Williams wrote on Facebook. “He often called us ‘dirty Arabs,’ ‘filthy Lebanese,’ ‘Aye-rabs,’ and ‘Mooslems.’ ”

(The Jabaras are actually Christian, Rebecca Abou-Chedid, a family friend, told The Post.)

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morn...olice-say/

This is what his brother had to say on Facebook:
Quote:I ask that you share this FB post throughout the community for the murder of my brother, Khalid Jabara so you can be outraged, just as we are outraged. I want to shed light and bring awareness to the negligence that occurred from the first moment the neighbor..this monster.. called our family 'Dirty Arabs', to the time he ran over my mother with his car, to the two Protective Order violations,and our constant vigilance to communicate and be proactive with the DA's, to the fact that they let him out of jail after 8 months, to the fact that my brother called the police to explain to them that we were scared because we heard he had a gun, to the fact that the police left, saying they could do nothing, and, 30 minutes later....the fact that the criminal walked up to my brother and shot him on his front porch.
At the end of the day, my beautiful brother had a heart like no other. Sensitive to the core, he loved others so much and wanted to be loved back. I'll miss his jokes (I stole all my jokes from him!), his love for all things electronic, his love for my mom and dad, Rami, and his tenderness towards his nieces. This angel will be missed. Love you, Khalid.

"Happiness only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless
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08-17-2016, 06:45 AM #2
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Today was my first day back in the office and I was combing through the news/lies and stumbled upon this article..

How sad... It could have easily been prevented.. yet they purposely allowed it to take place

The criminal will get a slap on the wrist and be released in no time... "justice" being served (Justice system working as intended)

And they dare talk "terrorism"
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“The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”

― Thomas Carlyle, On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History

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08-17-2016, 06:56 AM #3
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(08-17-2016, 06:45 AM)Tarikko Wrote:  Today was my first day back in the office and I was combing through the news/lies and stumbled upon this article..

How sad... It could have easily been prevented.. yet they purposely allowed it to take place

The criminal will get a slap on the wrist and be released in no time... "justice" being served (Justice system working as intended)

And they dare talk "terrorism"

Imagine if it was the other way around.

I looked through countless news agencies and not one has mentioned the word 'terrorist'.

"Happiness only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless
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08-17-2016, 07:53 AM #4
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Are we suppose to assume America, or rather the world under Hillary Clinton will be any better? Her war record is quite frightening. She's up there amongst those that have destabilize the Middle-east. No wonder why there's Lebanese and alike abroad in foreign countries because our homes are being shaken by war hawks like Hillary. 

Trump is what America needs right now to tame the foreign policy beast. We as ''truthers'' need to give Trump some credit for mentioning on TV and social media that the system is rigged. Nothing new, but for a politician that's running for presidency of bat shit crazy America..that's nothing short of admirable. 

Trump is not perfect, and if there was a better alternative i'd be looking the other way. But for someone to be against America's expanding war-machine abroad and bringing attention to various corruption schemes that people would usually overlook is beneficial to tame the American predatory eagle..

Anyone but Hillary, please.
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Faith is a rebel I can show you the Devil. 
Proud to come from both A Christian & Muslim background. Unity is a Must. Imagine what Jesus (pbuh) Muhammed (pbuh) would think about our petty ''differences''.G-D is source.

Resistance Axis: Russia, Iran, China, Syria, Hezbollah, Palestine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Yemen. The only nations that can put down the zionist beast - The list gets shorter, but the resistance gets stronger. 
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08-17-2016, 08:31 AM #5
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I'm not saying Hillary is better, they're equally bad in my opinion. It's fascinating how both of them managed to win their respective parties. 

What scares me about Trump though is not Trump as a person but the people following him.

"Happiness only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless
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08-17-2016, 08:42 AM #6
Kung Fu
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It's going to get worse. America is a very racist place to live in. They are not tolerable people or rational people and the ones that are good people are drowned out by the sheer numbers of the stupid. They spout honeyed words in front of you but behind-closed-doors they don't like Arabs or anyone that looks "Muslim".

Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu alaihi wasalam) said:

"My similitude and that of the life of this world is that of a traveler who took a rest at mid-day under a shade of a tree and then left it."       (Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and al-Hakim)

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08-17-2016, 11:34 AM #7
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Trump isn't a war hawk? Really? Have you listened to a word that man has said on foreign policy? Or even domestic policy? He hates Muslims and doesn't want them in the country at all...

As for this case. It's horrific. I read about it last night. I understand the reason for bail and in general I agree with it, however, when a victim has confessed I think they lose the bail privilage. There was no question whether this man was guilty of the last crime, he admitted to it. There is no justification for sending an admittedly guilty man back into the community with access to his victims.

I've seen bail backfire twice before in my personal life. Once a friend of my husbands went after the witness in his case and tried to kill him. Once my cousin was Let out and committed something like ten more robberies. (I know some really shitty people, I'm aware). Neither of those men should have ever been given bail either. The evidence against them was overwhelming and they had nothing left to lose at that point.

Just one more example of how our criminal justice system is totally screwed.
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08-18-2016, 09:41 AM #8
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(08-17-2016, 08:31 AM)Serendipity Wrote:  I'm not saying Hillary is better, they're equally bad in my opinion. It's fascinating how both of them managed to win their respective parties. 

What scares me about Trump though is not Trump as a person but the people following him.

I think this is a Hillary follower Smile :

More money, more problems
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08-18-2016, 10:52 AM #9
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This is SO SAD. 

And yet you guys always have to turn things into a political post. Trump VS Hillary.   Dodgy

The hate in this country disgusts me. And neither Trump NOR Hilary will fix that. ESPECIALLY TRUMP.

These hate crimes happen so much more than we know and its sickening that the media would NEVER talk about this. They hate seeing middle eastern's as victims in any situation. It's terrible and one of the many things I hate about this place.
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