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Hamas turns Gaza attack tunnels into summer tourist attraction

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I figure that since some here believe I am a hasbara, (because no one could like Israel because it's a great country, filled with beautiful people) I may as well use the opportunity to spread some truth around.  Enjoy!

According to Beiruit-based Institute for Palestine Studies, hundreds have died in the construction of these tunnels, including many children.  The average cost of constructing a tunnel is about three million dollars, and with more than thirty tunnels found and destroyed by Israel already, that's upwards of $100 million that wasn't spent on schools, hospitals and other useful projects that would have benefited the Palestinian people.

Quote:The Gaza-based Hamas Islamist group appears to branching into the field of local tourism, turning underground tunnels constructed to carry out cross-border attacks on Israeli communities into the latest summer attraction for Gazan youth.

Video footage posted to Facebook by Afaq, a pro-Hamas media outlet in Gaza, shows lines of children walking through the tunnels decorated with posters of Hamas operatives apparently killed by Israel. In one shot, a guide wearing a florescent yellow jacket can be seen directing the children. According to the post, the tunnel tours are taking place in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City, and form part of a Hamas exhibition displaying weapons and methods used in the fighting against Israel.

“Afaq media enters a tunnel created by the Qassam Brigades during a weapons exhibition in Shejaiya on the anniversary [of the war],” reads the text introducing the video, referring to Hamas’s armed wing. The exhibition was said to be “open to any citizen or media for videos and publishing.”

The highlight of the exhibition is the entrance to an authentic tunnel belonging to the armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in the Saja'iyya neighborhood, located in eastern Gaza City and bordering Israel.

This is the first time that Hamas has opened a tunnel to the public as a tourist attraction, as the tunnel project is the most secret and compartmentalized one in the organization. Not only is Hamas displaying the tunnel, but the entire exhibition is free of charge. The tunnel is shown to be outfitted with electricity and lights. The children in the video are photographed throughout its length.

The exhibition's arms display allegedly includes those used by a Hamas cell that entered Israel near Kibbutz Nir Am, killing 4 soldiers.

Palestinian users of social media posted photos of the weapons display as well as images showing children attending Hamas summer camps on a hike through one of the tunnels.

The Gaza conflict, known in Israel as Operation Protective Edge, began on July 8, 2014 and lasted for 50 days. During the operation Israel uncovered and destroyed 36 tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel. Those tunnels were used during the war on a number of occasions to ambush IDF soldiers, to devastating effect.

Hamas has bragged since the last war that it is rebuilding a network of attack tunnels under the Israeli border — two of which were exposed by Israel this spring — and restocking its arsenals while testing more potent rockets for future use against Israel.

Since April, the IDF has discovered two tunnels leading into Israeli territory, and the Shin Bet has captured a number of Gazans who have given extensive information on the tunnel system.

The first tunnel found ran at a depth of approximately 100 feet (30-40 meters) below ground, extending dozens of meters inside Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip.


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I could have sworn Israel had Egypt bomb all the tunnels in 2015 so Palestinian couldn't escape while Zion was busy bombing schools, hospitals and ambulances?  

Egypt has done more damage to Gaza tunnels in a few weeks than Israel did in 2 decades ~The J post

Egypt’s destruction of Gaza tunnels leading to economic and environmental disaster ~ Mondoweiss

Egypt destroys 20 tunnels along border with Gaza ~Times of Israel

Lets not forget the fact that Hamas is a creation of Israel.

Hamas is a Creation of Mossad ~ GlobalResearch

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas ~ Wall Street Journal

How Israel helped create Hamas ~ The Washington Post

Incase it wasn't already obvious.  Today Hamas is still a proxy army loyal to Israel.

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