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PC Master race?

07-11-2016, 08:32 PM #1
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Anyone here a member? I want to be pc masterrace, but i'm too poor...  :'(.

I've been eyeing up the GTX 1080 graphics card for a while now, however I know that there is no way in hell that any chipset in the next year, or two, will be able to handle 4k resolution at the holy grail 60 fps count. Mainly cuz of nvidia having a monopoly at the moment, which is a bit of a conspiracy theory itself-greedy mofo's. How can the industry standard upper limit for ram be so ahead of it's time-64 GB? who the fuck needs that shit?yet even the most highest end GPU's can't seem to keep up  with the optimization faults of year old titles, for instance the witcher 3 in 4k.

Maybe because the corps realize that they can make more money hyping things that are WAYY ahead of their time.Half the reason why i'm holding off on buying anything until I see efficency, cost, and performance increase markedly.

Shits got me researching about the semiconductor industry, lol. Interesting stuff.

4:50 Wrote:As you get closer and closer to the edge of physics it gets more and more expensive to shrink transistors even further- and in actual fact  moore's law is pretty much coming to an end .

Just look how nvidia blows amd out of the water

I dunnoe, anybody more knowledgeable than me on this?
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07-12-2016, 12:52 AM #2
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Nvidia and AMD are a little different. The RX480 is supposed to be on par with 1080 when it's run in crossfire. The 480 that they're releasing now is also the midrange card. They will undoubtedly release a 'fury' or something along those lines.

I'm a hardcore NVidia fan, mainly because I hate running multiple cards. It creates unneeded issues.

NVidia uses cuda cores, which are specifically programmed to run as stream processors AND PhysX processors at the same time. AMD is crap at PhysX because they're purely stream processors. Keep in mind, though, that NVidia also works in close performance with a lot of graphics-intensive industries such as the aforementioned video games to perfect the game for that hardware. You've played Witcher 3, remember HairWorks? It was supposed to show off the Gameworks feature (tessellation and antialiasing on overload). AMD is better at DX12 right now (driver optimization).

On the topic of processors.. AMD also has multicore processors for budget PCs that are up to par due to the fact that Win10 has a lot of multicore enhancements. AMD processors are going to be seen in a new light since 12 utilises 4 cores of a processor. Intel chips have amazing single core processing, but the new wave of tech is angling towards efficiency and multicore. It'll be interesting to watch. I wouldn't put money into a new pc for a couple of years, yet.

I'm a technonerd, not schooled in it, so these are purely my observations as a 'take it apart and put it together' type of mind. The HPC setup at NYU is a work of art.

Also, why would they give out the best hardware progress when they can feed it to the masses bit by bit and make multiple times the money by making idiots with more money than brains upgrade each year?

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07-12-2016, 12:56 AM #3
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Also, W3 works in 4k fine if you turn off Hairworks (contribution of my older brother).

“Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),  He has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood)  Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught (the writing) by the pen.  He has taught man that which he knew not." (Qur’an 96: 1-4)
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07-12-2016, 05:10 AM #4
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It depends, I've got a gaming PC, used it for about a year playing CS:GO and a bunch or other stuff then got bored, also noticed hackers much more common on PC than console.

Recently I've been hooked on Dark Souls 3, plan on getting the Witcher 3 shortly, depending if I get Skyrim HD or not.

However, what Tulpa advised is pretty spot on, you need to decide on a Nvidia or AMD CPU and go from there.

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07-12-2016, 05:44 AM #5
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I have somewhat of a good PC at home

CPU 5960 OCed to 4.3

2x 980 gtx in SLI

If anything I'll be waiting for the Titan version of the 1080 before buying anything

And that video was a bit disappointing... Just now I decided to buy the witcher 3 and play it

I was holding on because of skyrim...

See there is and pack of 900+ mods for skyrim and whenever I download it, the author comes back with an improved

So I decided to wait till it stabilizes... There is talk that the guy is planning to add even more land masses to the pack

While waiting i thought I'll finally get TW3.. I wanted to wait first for the modding community too proper but is don't think this will happen.. CDPR did not even release the full modkit.. What a shame

The game has even way more potential that the legendary skyrim

And I agree... We need another one or two years until pcs can play 4k games at 60fps

We are almost there

It's exciting times for the PC master race people Smile

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07-12-2016, 10:37 AM #6
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I was beaten to the AMD 480 convo! 

How is 4k compared to 1080? 

I had heard and read that the the newest nvidia chip was having production issues and then throw the new amd chip in the mix and it was said to outperform the new nvidia at a margin of the cost when ran with two.

If you can find a micro center, you can get a foothold into gaming for around $700 not including the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, yet at double that price you're doing more than just average gaming lol.

Or if you're into gaming laptops, Asus makes the most budget friendly laptops for gaming by the republic of gamers line.

Pcpartpicker is a decent site for prices and to an extent will help you build a quality rig.

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07-12-2016, 10:54 AM #7
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I just built a new PC using pcpartpicker.com and advice from my Geek Squad cousin. It's running like a champ so far. I'm not much for understanding the really technical stuff when it comes to computers but I'm learning little by little. I mostly built it for future VR use.

Mine is currently running 2 8GB RAM sticks, Intel i7 CPU, Gigabyte Mobo and a Gigabyte 1080 GPU.

I don't really competitive game on my PC though, or in general, but tend to avoid FPS games as I prefer them on console, but I do love wasting a bunch of money on Steam Sales. Recently me and a bunch of guys were playing Ark but they've jumped servers and started over so many times I quit and I've just been playing on my lonesome with games like Darkest Dungeon, Skyrim, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
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07-13-2016, 11:17 PM #8
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NERDS! Tongue
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07-16-2016, 05:35 PM #9
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(07-13-2016, 11:17 PM)FlixKandish Wrote:  NERDS! Tongue



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07-26-2016, 05:06 PM #10
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Dude, get a freakin' console! :p

Goku Wrote:plan on getting the Witcher 3
Did you get it already?

That game is sheer epicness. I don't have a lot of games, but that one raised the bar and will be legendary for a looong time.

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