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07-11-2016, 06:39 PM #1
The Winter Soldier
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Ok, as I've stated in other posts I tend to find myself in the weird part of YouTube...a lot. Often times when looking for music that I can write to. (I choose the music depending on the characters personality)
I found this really awesome song and had it on repeat over and over. Not only because it helped me write one of my main characters, but because it mirrored something I had been through before.
The song was called "My Demons" by a band called StarSet. I always felt energized when I listened to it because I identified with it. Plus it sounded nearly like a Christian song.
 (Also the beginning about the ship sinking was all too true because of AoU)

But then I found another song which I actually liked because I found out that it was exactly like my character who is a victim of MK Ultra and managed to break away.

That's what got me thinking.
While listening to it for about the hundredth time I heard an undertone to a part that alluded to the brainwashing of my character. That's when I was disturbed. I linked this song to my character when he lost a brother.
And then the parts when it says "I am hypnotized, as I fantasize." I tied in with his brainwashing and the escape as "breaking through the lies, and pain." The part where he realizes he'll never be the same was "now I can't, go back..."
How did this song mirror brainwashing and breaking free so easily?
That's when I was suspicious and hit the button we all call..."Search."
I found out this:

Quote:We are a collective of like minded individuals dedicated to publicizing scientific discoveries which have been silenced or otherwise stolen by public or private agents. 

 We do not support the release of technologies which are legally owned and controlled by any group.  Rather, we toil day and night to shed light on that scientific knowledge which is being illegally hidden to exploit an unassuming public.  We subscribe to no political affiliations, only the self evident rights of man, paramount of which is his right to the general knowledge of his existence and place in the universe.
The Starset Society is always accepting new members to assist us in our mission. 

Is this not creepy or what?
Turns out that it's a society with a really weird agenda. Look up StarSet and besides the band, this stuff is the first thing you find.
On Facebook, Twitter...who knows what else. This is there.
I don't know, call me crazy but reading about this is pretty chilling.
(Sorry for the super long backstory. I'm a writer. I feel the need to over explain everything)
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