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Robin Williams daughter, Zelda

07-11-2016, 11:04 AM #1
The Zone
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Oh my.  Check out this photo gallery from Entertainment Weekly on Robin Williams daughter Zelda.  The rising star, and daughter of the late Robin Williams, steps into the spotlight with the debut of Dead of Summer on Freeform, in which she plays a transgender character named Drew.

One eye imagery - check.  Mickey Mouse/Disney ears - check.  Innocence portrayed - check.  And there is more. Co

Link to link - press me


I can't seem to get the image to show ... always seem to struggle with images here ... but if you click the icon you will see the intended pic.  P.S. EW who is presenting the gallery is owned by Time Inc. Try to make a comment about image symbolism in any manner on the article and see what happens.  Please be nice if you try top do so tho, in that she may read comments and her dad passed not that long ago.  Anyhow, it certainly looks as if the entertainment elite are in control at this point which is sad.  Very sad.

The photographer has a lot of other elite type imagery and she is a very established fashion photographer.
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Here you go))
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More money, more problems
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Go figure. Daughter of Robin Williams who was probably set of to self destruct by a suicide alter, and MK runs in generations so if your dad is MK'd you're "it".

Could be that Williams programming broke down and a protector of memories and informaton took over to selfdestruct. Who knows what Robin was used for? Theyre so much more than just actors, you know; drug smugglers, prostitutes and on and on.. What we see is just a small picture.

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Notice the tattoo on her wrist. It's the Ankh Cross...wonder what the story of her choosing that is?
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