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The line on a 70-year-old map that threatens to set off WW3

07-10-2016, 10:22 PM #1
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Quote: On July 12 a UN tribunal will deliver a long-awaited verdict on Beijing’s sweeping claims to the vital waterway. Each year more than $5 trillion in trade passes through the sea, which contains rich fishing grounds and large, mostly untapped reserves of oil and natural gas.

China says it has a historical claim to virtually the entire sea. The other countries on the sea’s perimeter argue China is violating international treaties, infringing on their fishing and exploration rights, and staking out military positions that could give it the edge in a future conflict. How the tribunal rules, therefore, will influence everything from trade to defense to political relationships—and perhaps wars. “The South China Sea issue is one of the most important global issues right now,” says Anders Corr, founder of Corr Analytics. “It’s a tinder box.”

At the center of China’s claims is a curious, dashed-line map drawn up in the 1940s. Knowing its story is essential to understanding how China and its neighbors will behave in the years to come.


Quote:China has warned that any ruling against the country this week in a UN tribunal over disputed waters in the South China Sea “will increase tension and undermine peace in the region”.

The warning came as Chinese warships on Sunday conducted live-fire military drills in the sea’s disputed waters, stiffening its territorial claims ahead of the UN ruling.

That's tommorow, hold onto your seatbelts.
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