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Official ESOTERIC TRUTH - Purge x 4th of July

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There is a ten minute video  I am going to transcribe and also post at the bottom for viewing.. please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

It's about The Purge trinity and the 4th of July - Esoteric break down.

As we all know there are two sides, the exoteric and the esoteric. So let's begin!

----- ****______****------

Decode Documentary about the Hollywood Film called "The Purge."

It's the 3rd film, and this will be telling you what all 3 of the films are about. And why it's coming out on the Fourth of July weekend. The time of our   Independence.. 

Everyone knows that there's the microcosm and the macrocosm. Or the Fake mask that lies over the face of truth. As above so Below. 

Yes, we have the surface story that most people will grasp and understand about the Purge. But there is a whole hidden truth which are basically revealed in most of these videos. When you try and decode and explain the truth to people. So, this is the truth.

The truth is they take a very simplistic concept of NATURE and the world around us, the Beautiful aspects of Nature - the innocents of nature, and they turn it UPsideDown, and corrupt it and do the Polar - Opposite, and create the polar opposite from the complete opposite side.


So they take something very simplistic and beautiful and they'll turn it around into something ugly and mean and horrific. 


And that is, like I said, the Story of NATURE.

The Seasons of the Sun and the Moon through the Annual Year.

The twin Pillars of the Sun and the Moon. 


SO, the PURGE is the Story of the ANNUAL Sun Cycle. Just like when you celebrate on your Birthday.

The Sun cycle, when the Sun renews in Spring time. 

That is called the time of EVEn or the Equal (2) -  Equinox 

It is on March 20th, and 21st (19th-22nd).

Everyone knows that March 20th and 21st is the time of the Equinox.

The vernal Spring Equinox when Sun, the RED Sun, is RE-born again, and it's the Red and Green time of Spring. Fertility of the Sun.

So, this is, the Ancient time of the PASS over. The time of Renewal. They use to perform ancient sacrifices during this time because the old year is Dead and Gone, Sacrificed, and gave it's life for the NEW year that is to come. 

Back to the MOVIE on MARCH 20th (if you watch the movie) that's when the PURGE "Begins"

The Purging and the sacrificing, the cleansing, of the old and making way for the new. 

That's why in paganism you have the "spring clean"

It's a way of wiping away the old and making way for the new.

The PURGE is ALL about this. And it's just the same story that you read in the Bible about Jesus. It's just another way of telling the same story. That's what the ancients would do they would sacrifice them and spill their blood and hope the crops would better for the next year and the Sun God would "show them favor" blah blah blah


That is why it is coming out on INDEPENDENCE day, 4th of July, which most people don't understand what the 4th of July is all about and I will quickly tell you the  Truth. 100% that you won't hear from other "channels" or any other "truthers" or Anyone else because it doesn't get views, truth is unpopular and hard to get likes. They fool the people and then get alot of views but that's neither here nor there..

The truth about 4th of July is --- it's the time when the Sun and the Earth are at the FARTHEST points AWAY from each other. 



The Apsis. The Apple away. The APPOLO's 


it has to do with Light, and Enlightenment, Wisdom. 

That is why we are INDEPENDENT. We are AWAY from the Sun. And not reliant apon it. That's the concept there. 

That's why we light up the fire works and blow them up in the air, and light the fire lights of EL, the EL-ites.

Because, El-ite's, or the LION (SUN, Sion, Zion) of the apheLION is far away.

So, the Lion of Zion the Sion of the Sun, Lion, is at it's farthest point from the Earth. 

We light up the fireworks and all and that's why you will see the Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty and all that in the MOVIE because all this is telling the SAME story.


This is also why we light up fire lights, or fire works, during Christmas time/Supposed"new year" because it is the MID-EL of Winter, the lowest point of the light of the YEAR, so it's the same concept.


That's the truth about what the Purge means. 

It's all about the seasonal year.

It's all about Enlightenment and Wisdom and understanding Nature around you.

And if you are dumb enough to be scared by simplicity of nature then that is you know.. the herd mentality.

You are just part of the ones who are afraid of the shadow apon Plato's cave. On the wall.

The Shadows, or the SHAD or the Devil is not real.


It is all about enlightenment. The dark light, the bright light. Are you dumb or are you smart?

That's just another sy ops, if you will, of the whole Lucifer, Lux, Light, El-light, God of the Bible Light all this is about enlightenment.

Its about Light and Darkness. Neither is good or evil. It's just the way we perceive them to be. 

So all of the hollywood movies and everything you see is all full of B.S. there is no evil possessions, or demon aliens and all that kinds of shit. 

It's all just bullshit.

And that is what they do they fool you with the dark light.

You have to have the bight light of wisdom inside you to understand and see through the BS

So, 4th of July is all about when the earth and the sun are the farthest points away from each other and thats why we light the fire lights the fire works and have our independence. And the movie the Purge, the EL-ection, EL-evated to a new LE-v-EL, is all about the EL=uminati. The worshipers of EL. The God of the Bib-EL, that's on the spring of the Equinox, because he is the AV or Aviv, which is the time of the Spring time of the Father. That is the Passover, the equinox of Spring time.