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Buy or Sell - Segment 2

06-28-2016, 10:32 AM #1
The Zone
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There are so many subjects worth pondering be they so called conspiracy theories or reality. In an effort to seek forum participation, I am unleashing Buy or Sell, Segment 2. The concept is simple. Buy means you more or less think the subject is true. Sell means that you think it is more or less bunk. The third choice is undecided, meaning you need more information. Feel free to add comments, but please make an effort to not turn the thread into a pic fest on one subject which can sometimes deter responses. If you do, so be it, but this thread is designed as a barometer to give us an idea of how we think. It is also designed to make some research the subjects they may not have looked up before. Also, please feel free to check out segment 1 and add your take.

1 - Smart Meters - Being put on houses or electricity monitors, global grid, RF radiation, privacy issues

2 - Global warming - real or not

3 - Clones/Hollywood stars, slaves, organ harvesting, super soldiers, etc

4 - Moon Landings Faked - real or not

5 - HAARP - Devices that can trigger weather, or mind control through radio waves

I see everybody is burned out on this concept already ..... just leave me hangin, huh.
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06-28-2016, 10:41 AM #2
The Zone
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1 - Smart Meters - BUY I am studying this now and recently had one put on my house without being asked. The research is there and will freak you out. They can communicate with one another and are sending constant signals and seemingly can make people sick by baking them in microwaves and such.

2 - Global warming - real or not - Undecided. While there has been Global warming of late, history shows that it runs in cycles. This is a good excuse to start limiting us to power or a carbon footprint via rationing in the future, see world grid efforts related to smart meters above with research.

3 - Clones/Hollywood stars, slaves, organ harvesting, super soldiers, etc BUY - If they can clone animals, they can clone humans. This is especially creepy to me in that it is playing God.

4 - Moon Landings Faked - Undecided

5 - HAARP - BUY Wave frequency is almost certainly plausible. It has already been used by military to cause discomfort. I need more research on whether it is possible to manipulate weather without causing major overall damage.

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06-28-2016, 11:49 AM #3
Al Mualim
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1 - Smart Meters - BUY - They do like to track us..in various ways.

2 - Global warming - Undecided. Very sceptical both ways but will try to reduce my carbon foot print. At the same time a lot it is down to nature. 

3 - Clones/Hollywood stars, slaves, organ harvesting, super soldiers, etc - SELL!

4 - Moon Landings Faked - Buy

5 - HAARP - Sell.

-This wasn't an easy one! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Are you fulfilling the rights of your Lord, body, family and place of work?
Peace be upon you! 
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06-28-2016, 12:42 PM #4
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 1 - Smart Meters - BUY - But I'm not sure how much more info they could get vs a regular meter.

2 - Global warming - Fake. Used by gov and media for financial benefits and control.

3 - Clones/Hollywood stars, slaves, organ harvesting, super soldiers, etc - Buy, Idk about the clones though. 

4 - Moon Landings Faked - Not sure, if it were, I wouldn't be surprised. 

5 - HAARP - Are we questioning the existence of these devices? I've seen multiple YT vids showing them, and explaining what they do/how they work.       
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06-29-2016, 09:21 AM #5
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2- sell
3-sell, but it's a matter of time...it will be real at some point..
4-buy, everyone should know it by now...
5- buy, but i think people tend to give it too much credit...Most of disasters still happens naturally...

Truth is precious it's guarded by God
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07-05-2016, 10:50 AM #6
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Smart meters- Buy, the fridge , fans and TVs have power, but the A/C or heat doesn't
Global warming/climate change- Buy as it's been happening since the beginning of time; sell as purely man made
Clones/Hollywood- More likely MK
Moon landing- Buy as happened; Sell as the way it was presented
HAARP- Buy, tie in cell towers with it
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