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Lonelygirl15 - teaching us to spot illuminati

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A long time ago, when Lonelygirl15 was on YouTube, I was very involved as a participant. The story follows a young girl whose family is deeply embedded in Crowley's occult. Now that I have delved more into the conspiracy theories, I wonder if this was the intention of the writers.

The show started out letting the audience believe she was a real 15 year old with a video blog. Slowly you begin to notice symbols and pictures in the background and a darker plot unfolds. The whole show involves cryptic codes, hidden messages, and symbols the viewer has to find and try to piece together.

I encourage you all to research Lonelygirl15 and maybe even watch her videos.


Here is a good sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nBkJoFO...7&index=25
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