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Disney's Sam & Cat show

05-30-2016, 08:58 AM #1
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* sorry it's Nickelodeon not disney

Watched this weekend with one of my nieces.  Can't recall names except the Sam and Cat characters so bear with.   As with most Disney shows, the parents were completely missing and the only "adult" type character was a big, dumb goon who's sole purpose in the episode was to supply a bucket of chicken - named Goomer?  (like Gomer Pyle?) 
Sexual references just floored me.
- The girls laughed telling the boy character they are babysitting "He's excited" ha ha ha .... because his hair grew really fluffy.
Kid grabs his hair and says "Is my hair fluffy??" ahhh...and runs out
- Boy character again wants to go do something other than stay home and says something about "poke" and then the Sam character says "You aren't doing any poking tonight"
- Boy character sneaks out to his secret job dancing for kids' birthday parties.  Outfit is all red.
When confronted by Sam and Cat the boy says "I have to put on the red tights" to which one of the girls said something like "you can turn off the red tights" - obvious reference to the Police song Roxanne/prostitution- red light

If curious episode "Secret Safe"
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