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Ridiculous Headlines of the Day (RHOTD)

04-12-2016, 08:33 PM #1
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i purposely created this not in the news section.
So as not to be a distraction when real news is discussed.
There are headlines that are sometimes funny and sometimes reveal evil AGENDAS and general elitist corporate and military industrial complex plans and distortions. I figured this thread can create varied discussions.
(I often visit upi mainly because their headlines are parsed seemingly by humans and not too many sports stories compared to google news)
Let us NOT discuss sports here.
So here are a few with short translations:
"Massive Alaskan ice field could be gone by 2200"
Oh my.. Propaganda. As pointed out in a documentary "The great global warming swindle" sensational headlines get published.

"Scans show how LSD affects the brain during use" LSD studies still happen.

"Tons of dead sardines wash up on shores of river in Chile" Standard procedure for multinational companies in many countries is dump liquid garbage in water. Of course it is presumptious to judge without investigation but it happens all over the world.