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Peg Luksik on Dangers of Outcome Based Education

04-02-2016, 12:23 AM #1
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Take 59 minutes and 39 seconds to look up a video on youtube titled
"Peg Luksik "Who Controls Our Children" How Public Schools Dumb Down Kids"
It is from 1995 when she was trying to fight it.. however teachers in private schools must also conform FYI.
Outcome Based Education goes by the name of Common Core.. more recently, but I dont think the program is different.
OBE is entrenched in the USA by way of funds from federal government and fully controlled,allegedly, by the biggest corporations.
Main objective is behavior change without protest.
One of the flaws she points out is lowering of standards accross the board.
She also uncovered that computers save all details to a database and it is very hard or impossible for parents to obtain copies of standardized tests. That was 1995 then.
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