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The Path - Hulu series

03-31-2016, 02:24 AM #1
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Arron Pauls new series, could well be predictive programming.

It shows a cult that has an eye as the logo helping people - and praying in terms of the light and sending energy their way, they also partake in meditative practises and ayahausca, Paul is breaking free as the lead character, but the message is there anyone else seen this.

The first episode a council meeting is held of the quite open cult in society - hugh dancys character states -

extrem weather patterns will give way to political instability, poverty, terrorism and those of us who ascend the ladder will be safe, everything we know will collapse.

- scary stuff.

The ladder is their practise - and the first book written by their cult leader as we know - the ladder - jacobs ladder is in freemasonry, ascedning to godhood, interstingly enough the woman who is woddy harrelsons wife, in true detective s1 is the wife of arron paul in this.

Just to add they talk about the here and now (mindfulness) and also what their lives will be like in what they refer to as "the garden", well we know the elite are trying to get back to the garden of eden.

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04-02-2016, 06:34 PM #2
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Currently watching the first two episodes. It's a good show so far, (~20 mins in currently)

It is scary to imagine these things, if it's some kind of predictive programming. Lots of shows lately seem to revolve around these sort of scenarios. Idk if it's just what people like to watch right now (hell, people will watch what's available tbh, and "like" it. Remember shitty reality shows in the 00ies?)

I keep wondering why all these shows show catastrophe and dismal futures. Prepping us I guess.

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