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When LIVE NEWS is faked LIVE.

03-30-2016, 08:14 AM #1
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“Reality” Edited In Real Time: New Tech Shows Why You Can’t Trust Anything You See On The News

So-called “reality” can be edited in real-time.

The deceptions are on.


Out beyond ideas
of wrong-doing,

and right-doing,

there is a field...

...I'll meet you there.

Jalaluddin Rumi
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03-30-2016, 09:06 AM #2
Kung Fu
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This is why I never watch the news. I don't believe in a single thing they say any more, not one word. Everything is a lie concerning mainstream news outlets.

Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu alaihi wasalam) said:

"My similitude and that of the life of this world is that of a traveler who took a rest at mid-day under a shade of a tree and then left it."       (Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and al-Hakim)

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03-30-2016, 03:08 PM #3
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Snapchat has this technology. Granted, it swaps your face with another person's face. Even if it's just a poster or a photograph on the wall, even animals...

But this is basically the same concept, except the target gets to keep their face.

Good to know, now I can't trust anything lol. (Not that I ever did ha-ha)

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