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The oscars boule ritual and Chris Rock!

03-21-2016, 02:35 AM #1
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The February 28, 2016  88th Academy Awards (Oscars) ceremony got a lot of major global shade and salt thrown in its face about its “lack of diversity”.
The Global Satanic Cabals used the Oscar ceremonies “lack of diversity” protest as a WICKEDpretext” to make an international MOCKERY of Black People.
The seemly false protest at the 2016 Oscar ceremony was setup by their HollyWeird black Luciferians like Jada Pinkett Smith to run part of the humilliation to african americans.
They poked fun at emasculating, humiliating and degrading Black men. For the 2016 Oscars ceremonies, AMPAS and the gatekeepers didn’t have to pull out the whip to get an emasculated cowardly “FUNNY SPECIMEN” like Chris Rock to be complicit in the oppression of people of color.
Could Chris Rock have prostituted  himself as a young black male lover/escort for Eddie Murphy and other HollyWeird secret elite Luciferian Freemason pedophilic/Pedastic power brokers; or sign his name in blood to a Satanic Covenant of Fame and Fortune? YES!
The Satanic blood oath secrecy  (The Boule) in America is submissive and subservient to the New Elite Centurions of New Rome in HollyWeird, America and globally. HollyWeird’s Black Satanic Societies of female and emasculated male stars like Chris Rock are now organized in the ancient Greek/Roman classical function of the BOULE.
Chris Rock implanted  the ILLUSION that HollyWeird’s New World Order (NWO) Global Satanic Cabals were “the nicest white people on earth” that didn’t hire black people.
In this day and age, just as we have suspected and argued all alone, you have to be a black  CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH, Freemason, Satanic Cult member, Boule or the ILLUMINATI to work regularly in HollyWeird.

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