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Anonymous released Trump's social insurance #

03-19-2016, 12:49 AM #1
Thy Unveiling
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Or whatever it's called.

My roommate was just watching some video, I wasn't really listening to it because "Stephen Hawkin's voice is really annoying."
"Oh, that's not Stephen Hawkin's." She replied. "That's Anonymous. They just released Trump's social insurance number."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, they're doing it with all the politicians."

I'm so not a hacker; I can barely figure out how my phone works. But man, it'd be really awesome if some modern day Robin Hood used their hacker skills to drain those guys bank accounts and distribute the wealth among those on disability, welfare (or the equivalents of these in different regions)...overall those who are just barely scraping by at the bottom of the pyramid.
Take from the wealthy politicians and give to the poor...

What else would any hacker, or anyone in general, do with such information? Hypothetically speaking.

I'm sure there was another thread somewhere asking about Anonymous and if they can be trusted, so to speak. I suppose I could have posted this in there, but I'm more interested in what others think with the release of information and what they think, or hope, would be done with it...but I do question if Anonymous is controlled opposition as well. I mean, really, why wouldn't they simply Robin Hood these assholes themselves?

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