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5 Dark Secrets series

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I just discovered this great series:

"If we knew our power, we wouldn't get arrogant when we got two pennies
If we knew our power, we would see what everybody sees, that we're rich already!"
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it's a great channel..will watch this video later, thanks!
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The name 'Starbucks' says it all.    

i.e 'Star'   - the masons and those types of "Orders"/ secret societies worship the sun, the moon, the planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, etc), Sirius/ the Dog Star and Sirius-B bullshit.  

I believe some of the crap comes from keeping alive Egyptian and Hellenistic beliefs, especially from around the time of the early transition of the Roman Empire to the Christian Holy Roman Empire.  The military Romans, loyal to old beliefs, had secret initiations inside mountains where the hissing steam from volcanos was believed to be a snake speaking for Apollo and other gods.  (That's why influential literature and films, like Harry Potter, have a python in it that only Harry, the chosen one, can talk to.)   The ruling elite (emperors, generals, academics, etc) believed in magic, soothsayers/fortune tellers/ the pythoness, the gods and the planets as the 'true religion'.   Other Roman military outfits held onto the secret rites of Mithras.   It all came from secret practices between rulers, their military and religious leaders - not unlike the military masonic lodges, the monarchic lodges/ Orders and religious orders with government today in this call to strengthen all the NWO bonds of cronyism, collusion, immunity laws, war and imperialism, etc to racketeer and profiteer out of the misery they create for the wider populations around the world. 

Anyway, the current-day masons and secret society-types tie these old beliefs - from these early organised 'empires' with monarchy or military dictatorship at the top of the social structure  - to their progression up the 33 degrees of freemasonry... and their success and fortunes are tied directly to believing this mumbo-jumbo.  It's a type of brainwashing and manipulation.  You will do anything, believe anything, do anything, swallow anything and play along, no matter how ridiculous, if riches and power are promised at the end of it.  And there is retribution and there are reprisals, if you don't...


'bucks'  = dollars = commerce/ trade provided through the worship and enactment of 'empires' - in the case of 'Starbucks',  a commercial coffee/ food 'empire' (and don't be fooled, a mason's business 'empire' is much more than just a successful, rich business - it comes with special design, immunity and protections.) 

Masons use collusion, nepotism and favouritism to create 'perpetual' commercial businesses where their 'piece of architecture', a term explained in the next paragraph, is promised 'eternity', eternal flame and eternal money-making income.

Their piece of "architecture", a masonic term, used by speculative masons, not only operative masons, can be anything they created depending on the type of mason they are (entertainment, sports, medical, law, trade, corporate business, military, religious, media and journalism, government, police and secret services masons, etc) 

It could be a business, a new market of any kind, a new industry - and it doesn't matter how contrived and ridiculous that industry is according to human reason and logic  (as brainwashing and owning ideology has long been a freemason tactic - they own or influence the media, publishing houses, teacher training institutes, children's literature, Disneyland and the like), - no matter how contrived, as I said, ... like mineral oil/ petroleum in medicines and cosmetics, aspartame, vaccines, food additives, the cancer industry or the very corrupt dental industry.  

A piece of 'architecture' can be a book or a character in that book, such as freemason Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes or William Shakespeare who honours monarchy at the centre of society (because monarchy are patrons and protectors of freemasonry, such as Elizabeth I (the Fairy Queen - mixes magic and power in the mind of the reader/ audience).  Their ''architecture' could be a song, a film, a new religion (Mormonism, Christian Scientology),  a new invention - with a 100-year+ patent to the mason, of course! ...etc.  

Masons are promised 'eternity', an 'eternal flame',  for the name of the freemason or their  'sons' ( medieval trades/ guilds passed the business from father to son by law, hence so may names ending in -son, Sanderson, Johnson, etc. ) but usually for their 'empire', their business that has received masonic help and protection to get rich is now 'a perpetual empire'.  Hence, the name Starbucks, is literal and figurative (hiding in plain sight as the masons do) and 'star' means "masons/ masonic" and "bucks"  means commercial empire, so decoded it means the masons are using their collusive networks to make big bucks for a long time.

You'll see intertextual references by other masons holding Starbucks cups in magazines, films, TV shows etc to show their loyalty, along with their hand signs, covering an eye, looking up, making the 6 sign, etc.  
'The Devil Wears Prada' film just comes to mind where Hollywood's freemasons...

(...i.e. Meryl Streep + 20th Century Fox  - foxes are a symbol of 'craft'-iness' /the Craft = masonry..A fox (freemasonry) always accompanies monarchy - see this in 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery) 
                                                 ...meet Vogue/ Conde Naste's/ the mainstream media and publishing world/ Anna Wintour-type freemasons all hold/ display a symbol of masonry and empire, the Starbucks cup (AND, of course, it is product placement and advertising - a further level of "reciprocity", which is what masonic collusion and 'back scratching' is .)  

And so, on it goes.  This is how we are brainwashed if we are not vigilant.  We should use our own imaginations to entertain ourselves, we should try and produce new and original works free of masonic symbolism, and we should try and find other means of doing business, other than seeking 'empires' through masonic collusion, nepotism and favouritism.
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(03-07-2016, 12:30 AM)StopMasonicHoaxes Wrote:  The name 'Starbucks' says it all.    

I believe they choose that name because they are an Israel company.  "bucks for the star".  As in the star of David, The as is above as is below symbolism.

Heard this a long time ago so i can't source it.  But I'm sure it can be googled easily enough.

"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never
miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me"

~Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (ra)

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Yes, possibly.  Thanks.

The official 'Starbucks' story, if you go to pro-propaganda sites like Wikipedia (!), refers to the company taking the name from Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I understand Moby Dick as some kind of masonic allegory with homosexual/ bisexual undertones.  The whale could well be phallic.  On the surface it appears a long-winded morality tale about obsession, but understanding the masonic stuff comes with knowing more about masonry myths and "teachings" at the various 33 degrees.  I guess Melville was a mason - or a wannabee mason, who was writing his first pro-masonic work to get accepted/ established.

This would also explain why his descendant musician Moby is using the masonic moniker and why he has been given 'a special place/ helping hand' getting easily established in the music industry when it is so hard for talented non-masons to break in.

Freemasonry depends on its members having a religion, whether it's the Jewish one, Christianity, Islam, or religions made up by masons, like Scientology, Mormonism, etc .  If people believe in the supernatural, magic and miracles, and have a reverence of their religious rulers/kings and queens (who are often the same), state leaders etc they are easy to brainwash, frighten and manipulate.

Freemasonry is ultra-pro-Israel/ Zionism as the rich elite (Rothschilds, monarchies, CEOs, media moguls,etc) with their shared masonic rules and shared masonic values in the NWO want to set Israel up as the power in the Middle East.  The Islamic Persian/ Middle East leaders and rulers have for centuries been in control of that area (Sapor and Saladdin, etc) from before the Roman Empire, the Crusades, etc . 

Israel has always been at the centre of freemasonry myth.

The Star of David is still a planet, probably Venus, but maybe Jupiter.  It may have even been Halley's Comet.  I believe it is the same as the 'Star of Bethlehem'.  I am an atheist so I don't think Jesus Christ, "King of Jews", or the Galilean rabbi, was born of immaculate conception/ a virgin, or under a star with such fantastical legend and hoo-haa concerning King Herod's fear of the child usurping him, etc as written about in the biblical gospels (which, by the way, contradict each other).  The "Three Kings" may have existed in a fashion, but would have been Egyptian (?) astrologers/ astronomers who were studying Halley's Comet in 7 B.C. or thereabouts.

Howard D. Schultz ( - uses the typical 3 names of a mason!), Starbucks CEO is from a Jewish Army background, a typical background for masons...
So what Alex has said can still be explained by my first post.
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