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Bill Cooper seminar in California

03-04-2016, 02:37 PM #1
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10 hour long seminar with Bill Cooper, the guy who knew so much they actually murdured him. And I see why; he sat on LOADS of info. Too risky to keep him alive.

03-04-2016, 04:08 PM #2
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Well that certainly is 10 hours, I lasted almost an hour. He knows so much that he is gonna be a bit of a preacher too I guess. But he said it best when he said don't just take his word for it-check it out for yourself.

But as for me, I shall sing of Your strength; Yes, I shall joyfully sing of Your lovingkindness in the morning, For You have been my stronghold And a refuge in the day of my distress. O my strength, I will sing praises to You; For God is my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness. Psalms 59:16-17 

03-04-2016, 04:59 PM #3
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For first time conspiracy researchers & theorists, I highly recommend the works of the late William Cooper & the late Dr. Steve Cokely. If you can handle the results of their respected researches, then you will definitely be ready to take your own research to the next level.