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Doctor who claimed vaccines caused autism dead of apparent suicide after Fed search

02-27-2016, 08:23 PM #1
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Doctor who claimed vaccines caused autism dead of apparent suicide after feds searched his office
"His family is raising funds online to investigate his death as some do not believe it was a suicide.
The investigator from the sheriff's office, Jamie Keever, said: 'I've talked to some of those people today.
'I don't know what to say. They have a right to their opinion.'
A GoFundMe page raising money to 'find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play' has already raised more than $15,000.
Fiona O'Leary of Autistic Rights Together [ART], responded to Bradstreet's death and the call for an investigation into his death.
She said: 'While it is very sad to hear of the death of Dr Bradstreet in such tragic circumstances, it is important to consider his position as one of the world's leading practitioners in the field of bio-medical treatments for autism."

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-...icide.html

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Seems Bradstreet was using GcMAF (typically used to treat cancers but good results with autism treatments)
Interesting that GcMAF is legal and used in other several advanced countries but outlawed in the US.  
INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF
Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/050553_Dr_Bra...erapy.html#
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