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John Lash - Sophia's Correction

02-03-2016, 10:49 PM #1
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All 3 Abrahamic religions are called out in this interview, which really starts picking up about a 1/2 hour in.


In this episode, John will continue where he left off on Part 1 - The Archon Solution. He will shed light on the World Events that are setting the stage for Sophia's Correction. He will talk about the evidence of this correction via current Earth Changes and geopolitical events. He will also discuss the role that the Sun plays in this correction.

John will talk in depth about "the Master Race" concept as being a Virus from off world. He'll define Love & Hate, how to rid ourselves of Psychopaths, and he'll explore 4 Taboos that need to be broken.

04-09-2016, 12:28 AM #2
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Made a search regarding this topic and found this post. 

I have actually listened to this podcast and found it fascinating.

Really a must for anyone out there who is interested in the Archons...


Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to the program to discuss the Archons, from the Nag Hammadi perspective. 

He'll discuss the alien intrusion of the mind parasite and the predatory species. John tells us the origins of the Archons and how they existed before the Earth. 

According to the Nag Hammadi, the Archons envy us and wanted to breed with us. This idea is quite different than Sitchin's work.

 John says the Archons did not succeed and moved to plan B: "we'll get them to become like us." This takes us into the transhumanist agenda, an agenda that the Archons desire. 

We'll talk about why as well as their tactics using the false show of magic and virtual reality. Also, how the Archon predatory species intrudes though other means such as religion and belief systems. Then, John talks about Sophia's gift to us to protect ourselves from the Archontic forces. 

Lash brings up the new age religion of ET as manipulation by Archons. We'll talk about knowing the enemy, knowing the mission and the defense. 

Later, we discuss the transhumanist's fear of death, denial of humanity and insanity. We begin the second hour discussing the Order of Melchizedek as a key factor to understand the transhumanist philosophical roots. Then, Lash tells us about the Archon mind set, how they operate and their biggest achievement. 

We talk about the ultimate con of cloning and living forever. John says we are not centered in our humanity which is leaving a black hole in our species. Now we're living within artificial laws, controlled by psychopaths. 

Our current problems have been created with the intention of not being solved. Next, we talk about the beautiful symbiotic relationships on Earth, the "divine transactions," and the recycling of life and death. We move on to discuss two of our biggest threats: the Archons from the outside and humans on the inside who feed on our vitality. 

We talk about existing in a stronger field and bonding to the Earth's electro-magnetic field to overcome the effects of being fed off of. Later, Lash discusses taking in information and the responsibility that comes with it. Currently, we are in a deep psychological mess but the solution is to understand who we are, our human origins and to not be intimidated. All of this is just energy.

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