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The Boy Movie

01-27-2016, 04:44 AM #1
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So guys how many of you watched this year first horror movie The Boy. The boy that is released on 22nd January and do the average business on the box office. The boy movie made under the direction of William Brent Bell and the story of the movie is pinned by Stacey Menear. The boy is the first movie that he write. The bog movie basically based on the story of woman who got the temporary job as a nanny of 8th year old boy in a remote English village. But as the first meeting the boy looks like a doll but it has some unnatural powers. The boy parents tells the rules but she didn’t follow and at the end she faces her worst night. At the end this is really great movie with full of horror scenes. So guys are you watched the movie if yes then share your reviews about this movie here.

02-02-2016, 03:23 AM #2
Thy Unveiling
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Can't say I've seen the movie. I try to avoid horrors and thrillers these days. They "Feel Wrong", y'know? They also do a bit of psychological scarring without the audience being aware of it. But what else do ya call it when a scene from a movie you saw years ago sticks with you for so long? Or that inward cringing should you need to venture into a basement or attic at night? Or God forbid you hear a loud noise or see a face in the window when its dark! (And boy doncha feel silly if that face is your own reflection!) Programming is trauma based, and those scenes that make ya shudder or jump is a form of trauma that the audience volunteers for.

At least that's how I see it, anyways.

That being said, the movie sounds like something I'd almost want to watch. Almost.

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