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Jews and their love for pervision

01-24-2016, 07:49 AM #1
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No, I'm not talking about jews in porn industry. I'm also no racist. This is a thread where one apply that

Quote:correlation doesn't equal causation

Let me pick on case for this threat, case of "
Chelsea Handler being peed on the face by jason biggs "


Chelsea Handler is a Jew and used to do a show name "chelsea handler" I don't how popular her show but she has a wikipedia entry for that show so this says enough.

Anyhow, I want to bring the attention here to her antics you see soon after she retired from the show ; she has involved herself in the most perverted acts possible by a present age celeb. One of the most famous is being by american pie actor. To see more of her see the pic


The strategically placed "apple" is to evoke the imagery from "garden of eden" but done so in very perverted taste. I don't see her as a sex-doll or as one of sex-kitten programmed bunnies but more of "mistress/priestess" and beside her gender her actions be no different then of handlers associated  in the business of mind-control, sex -abuse the whole 9 yards.

Coming back to the video of peeing . Remember two things first what make a women like her (tasteless and crappy) into over-night success a household name with a late night comedy show is the "hidden theme". Her show attracted or lobby women who are up for empowerment, more control, rights, expression,freedom the whole bunch of stuff which basically frustrates women. So she has this mass following. Like Miley when she used to do her show, attracted lots of innocent who took the bait and jumped into the rabbit hole with her. Putting myself in their shoes its impossible to image how those innocent fans as adults handle , absorb or control their emotional attachment to their role model Miley when they see her on stage gagging on 9 inch plastic dildo wearing a pink wig and dressed as a 6 years old girl dress.

This disconnection -breaking off the image internally for those innocent fans meant ELITE has won or her programmer years of training finally succeeded. Because,  moment of make or break moment very few percentage (enlightened) would understand the true meaning of her make-over,transition or evolution and change paths. A large percentage would take this decoy and follow her blindly into the dark alley. Perhaps all girls when they turn 18 are suppose to go though this "right of passage" supposedly where looking like a creep on stage and videos is just another way of expressing stuff. Or these mind-controlled freaks now giving new definition of "coming of age".

Did anyone see a petition from her loyal fans when Miley changed into what she is now, into complete ban of her shows and merchandise because of what basically she did to "herself" cannot be simply ignored as individual actions. Everything which is done by celebrity their work instantaneous become a public product and have an associated price and value attached to it. How the new miley polluted and rape  her image as "hanna montana" when replayed in the innocent minds is torture at sub-conscious level.  Nothing of that happened from parents union or others alike. Why there is no concept of positive rebellion? Freedom of speech right? it always has to work in one way not the other way around.

]The "elite" has numb that basic human response, instead made her from a role model for normal teens who appreciate a little bit of cockiness in their youth to complete alter-ego persona who is absorbed in anything and everything related to endless sexual play and fantasies -complete sex freak teens".

There is no "lost generation" to save in this case. Because , its not lost its just added over. Those loyal fans didn't break their association they like her evolved as well. It would be hard. But done in fashion it was it quickly desensitize human feelings and reactions. There are three ways to react to a "evil"
-> in heart
-> through voice
-> through actions

This long anthem about Miley was written so you would understand why Chelsa handler case would make sense. Pee on one face even in porn is considered one of the lowest form sexual fantasies and pervs ions. But when your favorite late night comedy show host does it ? What does it means to general public and to her fans? Remember this person is pro-feminist all the way but this what it means her version of women empowerment to basically drench yourself in a stranger pee as symbol of submission and acceptance .  MEN in all ways are your masters and you are here to serve them in a way which pleases them the most (not as good mom or wife) but to men who also put in bad light through such actions where they seems one who have not let go of their animal instincts in these thousands of years of evolution.
Happy reading.
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