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Pointless but powerful way of comercializing LGBT agenda

01-20-2016, 11:22 AM #1
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Its not about being against or in favor of LGBT thats a separate debate, but what i catch up with recent article  on dailymail.co.uk reassured my belief that this LGBT thing in its entirety is very well planned agenda disguised in the colors and theme of popular / mainstream entertainment strategy which targets individuals  as oppose to whole community or subgroups. See shows like bigbrother get popular, the 15 minutes of fame crazed persons are all on zombie drugs  with their fame being artificially prolonged and survived  by dirty tools of media and nothing else.
Coming to point,
to start with see the video and description here


To the general masses they are known or marketed as "Lesbian comedy duo BriaAndChrissy " and the pointless video they recently made  got some popular views. The video where group of gay men for the first time in their life
( (supposedly we don't know yet they all are "extras").) are touching / seeing a real woman vagina/

And what made youtube videos so famous is the ability to caught the "reaction" of common man and then just put it for whole world to see. Some reactions and comments in this video are hilarious If you can cut off yourself from critical thinking then it looks like a nicely done comedy stunt but nothing more to it. It isn't why? see this


I'm NOT connecting the dots here the dots just simply exists without me doing anything.

Divide and conquer is the strategy which is central to such themes programmed and planned by the "elite" they want' to draw such hard lines / boundaries between humans that allows them to have better control on our lives. In case LGBT community popular belief that the peace loving, easy to go and friendly people are infact completely antisocial disrespectful and to the level of dehumanization as demonstrated in this video. They would objectify , censor and marginalize their associations and relations with other human beings on basis of  each-other physical and sexual displacement.

Saying or calling women vagina as "a closet door with some curtains poking out" or "squid" is just alienation. I know in west its very common for young boys and girls in their early school days to be  educated about human anatomy in regard to sex education. I can't believe the men who appear in this video skipped that class? Those classes are not meant to create difference among  us based upon our sexuality and physical appearance but a sense of mutual respect and understanding of each individual place in the society is what essentially should be taught.

Videos such as these and people like the couples do this in really poor taste , I feel pity for them because in the grand scheme of things each of them is being "used" as "pawns" to set things right for the next big beginning.
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