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Strawberry's Are Flat & So Are Oranges

01-19-2016, 12:09 AM #1
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I've noticed a fair amount of FLAT vs ROUND earth threads.

And I found this very interesting and wanted to share my thoughts about this idea without getting lost in the sea of already battling thread posts within a particular thread.

I don't have any scientific evidence for my conclusion. All I have is nature. And I feel that is evidence enough.


That is my argument.

And how do I support this? Well, for me to accept the idea of Earth being round, nature is my guide.

In nature, you will find abundantly more examples of roundness than you will flatness.




Nature speaks to us and it tells us our story's and it shows us our journey. Nature is the only book we should be reading. When you think about a Round Ball Earth, there are plenty of examples within nature that support this. Fruits, vegetables, plants, animals, rocks, and even humans. 

We are natural round as humans. Our muscles are round ball likes shapes, our heads, our eye balls ect.

And to get down to the sexual side of nature, male testicles and female breasts are round ball like shapes.

The female ovaries are round! 

The very nipple that feeds the new born baby is round. 



This is all a part of nature and it's nature that is telling us what Earth is. Earth is Round.

Ok, so let's look at examples that are FLAT.

Not a whole lot of "flatness" in nature is there? There is a few examples but not many. Not like there are round.

So where do we so most flatness on our plant? Yes, that's right, in man-made citys. The flat streets of NY.

That FLAT apartments, with rounded people talking on their FLAT phones or watching FLAT screen tv's

Do you know how they bought those FLAT things?


You see, they want you to be FLAT headed and un-capable of using your ROUND shaped brain. 

Graduate from FLAT head School


I am not hear to insult anyone I am just making dramatic examples.

Now I know there are even people referring to the FLAT man made book of the Bible. And that's fine.

Because that's what man does right? They take a beautiful round tree  with delicious round fruit hanging from it, and cut FLAT THIN paper from the round thickness of the tree trunk to write on.

So I didn't really have a solid structure to this post it's kind of a rambling with quick examples.

My point is, Nature (where I get my answers) is telling us exactly what shape the earth is. 

And that is what I like about Nature, you can't argue against it. Because it just is! 

So next time you are out and about in a park, walking around, using your round eye-balls to see and create thoughts within your round shape like brain, start to notice the beautiful roundness of nature and ask yourself.. is this flat? Smile

And vice versa, once you get back to the city from going on a nature walk, ask yourself.. is this city flat? Smile

Check out the beautiful roundness of rain drops !

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(01-19-2016, 12:15 AM)xloop Wrote:  İmage

Yes, round head, round eyes, big round ears, round shoulders and yes of course if her top was off you will see round breasts and nipples. Nice try Wink
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01-19-2016, 01:48 AM #4
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I wish I wasn't quite as round, never used to be this round lol Rolleyes
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Still a better argument than:

1. NASA is all lies
2. Gravity don't exist
3. All Pilots are liars
4. The UN's Logo depicts a potential Flat Earth layout
5. Flat horizon
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this thread is so full of win it deserves a medal of approval. Big Grin

"The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout ‘Save us!’ And I'll whisper ‘No
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