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Abrahamic questions

01-15-2016, 06:17 PM #1
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So is anyone knowledgeable of biblical dispensation or the seven mysteries of the New testament?  I'm not to knowledgeable of either so I wanted to talk about it, view points, all that.                                                                      

Unfortunately I believe the entire bible so, I can't really get what I want if
-don't believe Paul or the NT
-don't believe Jesus for what he is portrayed as in the NT

It's hard enough to learn, so I want to bottleneck the subjects but I will get down to what I know thus far
-dispensation in the bible occurs during covenants God has made
-there are around eight or so depending on belief
-there are seven mysteries in the NT given to Paul from God
-top of my head, the virgin birth, the body mystery

Well let's have a good discussion, learn some stuff, and be nice

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