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Disney: Tangled

01-07-2016, 02:00 PM #1
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Does anyone have any breakdowns of all the symbolism (if any) in the Disney movie "Tangled"?

I know the flower is six-petaled, the kingdom's sun is seven-rayed, and the little magic "poof" of the tear entering Flynn's cheek is five-tendriled.  I don't know if these mean anything.

The only other thing I noticed (although I wasn't paying attention until I noticed this, so I'm sure there is more), is that when Rapunzel finally breaks Gothel's programming (classic Narcissistic Mother stuff, taken to hyperbole, but not by much) and pushes her back, the mirror breaks.

Frankly, my first assessment is that this is not so much about MK-Ultra or Monarch or Illuminati, etc., as it is about Narcissistic Mothers and their daughters.  Although....whatever message they are pushing about the interactions between said mothers and their daughters (this type of relationship, by the way, has become pandemic in America), might be part of whatever overall strategy Disney is playing across all their movies.  Something like "Ok, so we need to reinforce reaction X in women, and behavior Y in men.  Most women these days are either Narcissistic Mothers, or daughters of them.  So let's do a movie around that relationship and use it to program X and Y accordingly."

But I may have missed some things.  Anybody have any insights?
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The stuff you did find probably wasn't a coincidence.. Disney is v occult. I found this:

and this screen shot of a scene in Tangled from YouTube video by Movie House: İmage

there was also another about video goats that appear in the film but I cant find it... I will post it here when I do

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