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D.M. Murdock passed away 12/25/2015. Remember her work about the Christ Myth?

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The bad news is kind of late on the VCF. But I needed for the holidays to be done and over before having this thread.

Dorothy M. Murdock, the woman once known by the pen name of Acharya S., passed away ironically on Christmas Day, 12/25/2015 after an unsuccessful bout against Stage 4 breast cancer.  Mythicist Milwaukee members have previously posted a tribute video and commentary on their YouTube channel which can be found here:


Whether you are/were a fan of D.M.'s work or not, regardless if you ever agree or disagree with her research concerning the topics about Christ as a myth, astrotheology, and what have you, no one can deny the fact that D.M. made an impact within the freethinking community.

For those who are interest in the research of D.M. Murdock, here are her official websites:
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I really enjoyed reading her books even though I was a bit put off by her atheist bent. I just felt that she could have taken Astrotheology to greater heights had she been an occultist, astrologer, freemason, etc.

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For the record, D.M. never admitted publicly on whether she was an atheist specifically or not.