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Militia takes back land in Oregon from illegal grabbing of land

01-05-2016, 12:56 AM #1
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The second amendment at it's finest. Found this interesting comment.

Quote:Actually, this type of activity really began in 1908 with Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, in a political scheme, created an "Indian reservation" around the Malheur, Mud and Harney Lakes, declaring it "as a preserve and breeding ground for native birds." This was after the ranchers who settled the valley in the 1870's built a state-of-the-art irrigation system to water the meadows, which drew the migrating birds. Later, this "Indian reservation" (with no Indians, mind you) became the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The Hammonds purchased their ranch in 1964; by the 1970's, the vast majority of the other ranchers had been forced out by the BLM, whereas the Hammonds refused to sell their ranch. Hence, here we are today! There is much, much more involved in the intervening years. The reason for all this? A US Geological Survey that found vast reserves of natural gas and uranium underground near the Hammond ranch!

Quote:Protesting the jailing of a 73-year-old rancher and his son, some 100 armed militia men took over a federal building in rural western Oregon and say they will occupy it “as long as it takes” to stop what they see as federal “tyranny.”
Organizers, who include Ammon Bundy and two other sons of a Nevada rancher who battled the government in 2014, are calling on reinforcements from around the country and say they will defend themselves.
The site of the protest is the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, about 280 miles east of Portland.


Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is it's own trouble."
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01-06-2016, 09:01 PM #2
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"Virtual" blood bath ensues, begins phase 2 "range war" with BLM/FEMA for control of Agenda 21 "Wildlife Habitat" land use designation areas in the US. These areas are for "wildlife", but what is under the ground is trillions in mining opportunity for the future, while moving towards global sustainability goal, for the "cover story".

Objectives moved toward completion: Gun control, Patriot submission, multi-front civil war, police state level 2, amped up tension and anger on both sides of all the issue. This is a multi-issue hornet nest time bomb.

Reality: The whole "Bundy" intrigues are all orchestrated, they are all "company" and CIA run, the family, the issues, the drama, the stage, the timing, the ramifications, from day one of this fictional drama. It is an internal division setup "false flag" mod, fro top to bottom. ALL FAKE for the intended effect. THEY ARE ALL "IN ON IT", to influence the public, to advance the progress to the main objectives.

Red Flags:

Too well timed, too well targeted, to extensive in implications. Many birds, one stone scenario. Like winning the lottery twice. One would have to be born yesterday, to not see, this ENTIRE THING is set up.

It's a con to move 2016 towards this year's goals.

The truth is, what follows in this "Stand Off Drama" can all be fictional, like with Sandy Hook or Vester, and fully media promoted to the intended bloody effect. Waco was the test, no one said boo. (Waco was not faked (as far as we know), but today fake catastrophes are far easier.)

The original "Bundy Family" setup, the WHOLE THING, can all be CIA, from the very beginnings of the "injustices done", to the heroic patriotic "the family", in other words the WHOLE thing is orchestrated, to setup this perfectly timed drama at the start of the year, which meets the driving anti-gun agenda. Now your Alex Jones can't intimate this level of orchestration detail, for fear of angering the Patriot Cow Boys, which form much of his audience. Thus the obvious orchestration possibility goes unmentioned, even by popular conspiracy gurus.

But it also is pre-positioning the psychology against the American "cow boys". The Native Americans, or "Indians" went down first, the GMO Americans, or Modern "cowboys "go down last. NO ONE escapes in the end. Meaning every American (and "world citizen" class minion) is slated for some tier of the "The World Government Reservation System", with its many planned "Wounded Knees", at global scale, 1,000,000 times larger and more scientifically backed and efficient than Nazi Germany, a test phase.

The logistic limitations that delayed Nazi Germany, like costs, deaths per hour limits, and body disposal limits, are no longer present. There is theoretically no limit to precision wave/energy weapons, or anti-matter based disposal at the maximum. Even with just bio weapons, and less efficient disposal, these depop experts can kill a thousand times more people, per person, than the Nazi's, in less time, with no loose ends. That is where it is going to. When it goes to precision energy and controlled anti-matter disposal systems, the sky's the limit.

Agenda 21 Objective

This was of course speculation of one way this could go, but in time a Multi-Front US Civil War 2.0 must begin, whether this ends peacefully or not, they are going in this direction. So they will drag in "terrorism" and "Race" into this orchestration as well, for "no crisis goes to waste" with the US Globalist Controllers.

It is for those who were born yesterday, to accept in first reaction "knee jerk" mode, forming an "us and them" psychology of conflict on both sides of the fence.

But the goal of the future, whether they use this Oregon standoff situation or not, is securing the "red zones" and other high management zones (orange) for removal of or totally controlled minimal human activity.

Now if you look at this approximated overlay of the Agenda 21 Wildlife Zones map, and the US cities map, below, you can see, as with "Payson, Arizona", some towns are fully in the "red zone". True, the scale of this Agenda 21 "Land Use Plan" is very rough due to its scale, but these red zones are already minimal in urbanizing activity; but it needs to go even lower, and at far grater "land use restriction" under Agenda 21.


Link has full size "~original" Photobucket image, for full detail clarity.

The ploy is the BLM is managing huge amounts of US lands that have fallen under various endangered and threatened species and other development restrictions, with many leases and weaved in human uses. Yet these areas have trillions in mineral assets. So what they really want to do is gain 100% access to all the mineral rights under the USA itself, with no restrictions for themselves and their corporate interests, and develop it under their "no middle man" administration, also removing leases and other human private interests not in their sphere of direct corporatism. Agenda 21 removes all private interests as far as "middle man" leases, for corporate priority, and those red zones are just the 100% removal areas, the orange zones will also be fully World Government managed.

But this is no overnight development, we are just seeing the beginning of the war for US mineral, timber, amenity, wildlife and energy resources, to remove the unwanted "middle men", including Washington, from the pyramid. It is the invasion and takeover of the US, by the US military complex, operating through the martial, emergency management and security complex.
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01-07-2016, 06:10 PM #3
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The feds want the Bundys to go home now after Obama has made his executive orders going after 2nd amendment rights. The actors aren't needed now. No need to stir up a real revolt with real protestors showing up uninvited. The Bundys will be paid and they will leave. The media will stop covering this staged hoax event which performed its intended goal of demonizing imaginary evil white militia citizens as being the real terror America faces. This event is as phony as Sandy Hook.

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Clinton Foundation implicated in this now:

clinton-foundation-payoffs-promised-hammond-ranch-other-publically-owned-lands-russia/uranium ore

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