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Sleep walking and talking symptoms of?

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So lately I've been bothering my roommate with sleep walking, talking and touching her mumbling nonsense and speaking my non natural language, but the last one really freaked me out I went out of my room sat at the couch and she told me what happened and I told her I was thinking of who I was going to release then I laughed and said: they even think I'm going to release them and proceed to go back to sleep, I don't remember anything of that and we both been having nightmares and I once had sleep paralysis and saw a hooded guy in the hallway looking through the door, what do you guys think? 
Before moving to this place I had a down syndrome neighbor who always sneaked into my house and the last time he did he told me he didn't wanted nobody to touch my legs if that makes this any more creepy 
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Sounds like some booguns are messing with you. Demons or even ghosts will mess with folks who suffer from somnabulism or other sleep problems (like sleep paralysis, caused by staying in rem sleep while your eyes open up)

They can even enter your body for a time, because the part of your brain that protects your mind from takeover, the medula, is vulnerable while you sleep.

If you pray, ask for protection before you sleep. If it keeps happening, and worse case scenario, lashing out/violence occurs during sleepwalking, see a doctor and tell them what's going on. 

A good sleep study might be in order. EEG scans can rule out a health problem.

Though if this is happening because of where you live, nothing may show up at a doctors office...

You say you were speaking a foreign language as you slept? Do you speak it while awake (when you need to) and if so are you as fluent while awake?

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Trenton had similar experiences I believe.

If he has time, he may share some of his knowledge and advise you on a course of action.

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EDIT: he's ahead of me Big Grin
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