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NYTimes Book Reviewer Mocks Critical Thinkers

01-01-2016, 04:12 AM #1
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In a surprising turn of events, NYTimes book reviewer Adrian Chen still believes his failing paper and archaic mass media control methods are relevant. We've seen this condescending and disingenuous ruse before but this time, The Public isn't falling for it. This is 2016. The game is up:


It's hilarious how these rubes always laugh at critical thinkers who don't just bob their heads to these inadequate power holders in obedience, then they immediately move into menace territory with their passive-aggressive threats, a sort of: "watch out, if you seem crazy authorities will come and remove you!" Come and get us, fascists. We'll leave the light on for you. Gee, why would anyone worry about totalitarian, authoritarians silencing dissent? "Think as we tell you to or you'll be in big trouble!"

It's just so stupid. Of course the most opportunistic power players exploit their power, particularly if left unchecked. To simplify your life to this extent, to mock every questioning of delivered truth by elites as "tin foil hat" territory, just shows a lack of intellectual curiosity and moral reflection. What a patsy. Defy these sycophantic, anti-intellectuals.
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01-04-2016, 11:49 AM #2
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Don't dis tin foil hats there.  Made properly, they can look quite catchy.

The key is not to make them look crumpled up, but to keep them looking like shiny metal plates.
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