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Poll: Do you watch TV?
Yes; I do, a lot
I do, selectively
Not at all

Do you watch television?

12-31-2015, 04:30 AM #1
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Hi Everyone Smile

I was wondering how much educated people (when you read VC I shall assume you're educated for now) actually watch TV.

Personally; I'm quite staunchly against the brainwashing box and I only watch specific shows that I don't consider sinful and that aren't aimed at brainwashing. I don't zap from channel to channel; I just turn it on at the time a show I find OK starts and turn it off when it's done. I also mute commercials and do something else while they are playing.

I mainly watch movies but pray before I watch them so the content won't affect or mislead me; I watch no series currently and actually what I do watch is mainly informative programs about nature or history and such. I'm a very critical viewer. I also rarely watch the news because I can read it on the Internet and I don't need the propaganda and selective news selection the national broadcasting sends out.

What about you?

Couch potato or  TV hater?

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12-31-2015, 09:36 AM #2
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I have thrown away my tv back in 2011. 4 years since no tv.
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01-01-2016, 10:59 AM #3
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I do, selectively. As in, what I can find on netflix, amazon or another roku channel. As long as you understand what you're watching and not just blindly watching, I don't see anything wrong with a little entertainment.
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01-01-2016, 12:32 PM #4
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Selectively. We mostly watch sports here. When it's just me I usually find an old TV show to watch.
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01-01-2016, 12:46 PM #5
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I watch more movies than TV. There are only a select few TV shows I find interesting and only one I watch regularly (which is Dark Shadows the 1966 version). My family has cable but I almost never use it because there is hardly ever anything on worth watching. It's all kind of dull in my opinion. Most of what I see while channel surfing are reality shows on every channel and I watch TV as an escape from reality so those are of no interest to me. Therefore I suppose I watch it very selectively.
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01-01-2016, 02:00 PM #6
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Watch TV all the time (online, hulu, Netflix, streaming sites)

I'd say I watch movies more than shows. I do annoy my partner constantly picking apart the "agenda" when watching anything though, lol.

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01-01-2016, 02:05 PM #7
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(01-01-2016, 02:00 PM)Trenton Wrote:  Watch TV all the time (online, hulu, Netflix, streaming sites)

I'd say I watch movies more than shows. I do annoy my partner constantly picking apart the "agenda" when watching anything though, lol.

Yep, sometimes more time is spent discussing the show than actually watching the show.
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01-01-2016, 09:40 PM #8
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I actually don't.

I don't even have a TV subscription. I have my TV connected to my pc though.
What i am constemplating for a while on is buying a TV card for the pc to link to a sattelite dish.
then again, you need to pay to be able to recieve that stuff, if i understand it right. perhaps i'm wrong tho.

either way, i have my PC linked to the TV and on another channel an android device and another one for ipad/iphone.
can watch netflix directly through that android device or ipad/iphone, same goes for surfing the web.
also able to show movies from my PC. [essentially the TV is the monitor of the PC if want it to].

I have zero motivation for 'live' TV feeds so the sports i enjoy i simply download and watch whenever i want to,
same for my wife's series, movies, or 'discovery or natgeo' like programs. For the kids i download other stuff that i know they both enjoy and i feel are not brainwashing nor braincell killing stuff. they do enjoy it and are disciplined enough to know they can see it at certain times of the day. i prefer to entertain and play with the kids myself over Tv.

simply put, i am the one in charge here and not the TV. been doing this for i think 7 years now and i can't really remember otherwise. to be honest, for me it's really weird to visit other people and then see cable TV.
the only thing i feel like i'm missing out on is to actually 'live' see the degredation of morals and intelligence. i can live with that though.

technically, i dont watch tv.
but well, it's not like there is no tech like that in the house - obviously not while im able to surf and post here.

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01-02-2016, 04:55 AM #9
Thy Unveiling
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I don't really watch much TV. No cable or satellite. But I do have some shows on DVD that I like to watch. I cannot say its anything educational, either. I will say I apparently need to buy the first 3 seasons of Trailer Park Boys again, as my ex let a mutual friend borrow them many months ago (while we were still sorta together. You know, where I kept saying "That's it! I'm done! We're over." and he didn't think I was serious...even though I even posted "I'm done" on Facebook and changed my relationship status to single...) Still haven't gotten them back and I never see that mutual friend (who's really more his friend than mine.) Normally I'd tell the ex "Get my Trailer Park Boys back or buy my the first three seasons." But he helped pay the rent, by choice, for 6 months even after he left. So I can't pull the "you owe me" card.

I don't really have the attention span to sit doing nothing but staring at a screen for long. Being online doesn't really count cuz I'm still doing something. I like having something to watch while I eat. Once I'm done stuffing my face, its hard to just sit there staring.

There's times I think about getting rid of the TV and all my DVDs. But nah. Maybe some day. I did greatly reduce the collection a few months ago. Donated the DVDs to the library.

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01-02-2016, 05:33 AM #10
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Does Roku and Netflix count? Then yes, selectively. The only show I record and watch on my parents' Dish Network TV subscription nowadays is Live From Daryl's House, a great non-sold out musicians (he has lots of unsigned newcomers on and a few legends/well known newer artists but not any that give me bad Illuminati vibes like Jason Mraz and Gavin Degraw... You'll never find someone like Britney Spears on that show) music show by one of my favorite singers ever Daryl Hall. It's addictive if you love music, you can't watch just one episode. Daryl is great and super talented, and best of all he hates record companies and the messed up music biz, he just supports real music through and through. I'd love for someone to write about him and also his work as Hall and Oates (side note: John Oates is also a very great talent and legitimate guy in the industry) to see if they were even "in", I doubt it, knowing their history very well as a fan. Daryl used to be into that Alister Crowley stuff back in the late 70's but apparently he got over his occultic phase long ago, thank goodness. It only reflected very mildly in their music at the time, Daryl's first solo album Sacred Songs recorded in '77 is riddled with those references though.

Oh! And I used to watch The Soup but they cancelled that because of the crappy Kardashian loving channel it's on (E!) and I guess the way it made fun of those (un)reality shows and the weird pop culture we have was too real for them (plus it didn't have a whole lot of viewers, again because of the crappy channel).
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