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The school system in your country?

12-24-2015, 05:50 PM #1
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How it's like? Do you like it or hate it? I'm really curious. In Slovakia our isn't very good. Teachers don't get paid well, the schedules are bad too.
I think the main difference between us and countries like UK is that we don't have the three-tier or two-tier system. You start at primary school. It has the first degree (or what would you call it in English), and it's from the 1 to 4 grade. The second one is from grade 5 to grade 9. At grade 9 you have a testing, it has tricky questions, and it often doesn't match with things you are learning. So you must have logical thinking. If you have above 90% you get accepted to any high school you want. If you don't guess what... another test! They will test your math and language skills. For each of those 2 tests you get points. You get bonus points, if you represent your school at some sport, language contest, math contest....
There are many types of high schools: business academies, grammar schools... the grammar schools are for the best students (or students with rich parents lol). You can even enter a grammar school at 6th grade of primary school. I don't know the correct translation, but it's different from a regular grammar school: it takes 8 years.
When you enter a primary school or a high school, you don't have to bring your books. They will give them on the second day, or they gave it to you the previous year (the last week of that year). The first day is the "opening" day. And the first week you don't learn that much. And the last day is pretty similar. At high school, you can go to outside of the school, when you have lunchtime or if you don't have any lessons (this happens quite often), basically there isn't anything on your schedule.
So what about you country?
(I know, this is a very boring topic, but I think it can help us. Basically we can discuss the amount of brainwashing at schools, in other countries.)
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12-25-2015, 01:26 AM #2
Thy Unveiling
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What you described with the tiers is elementary school, middle school, and high school. Then there's the option of post-secondary school, which costs a lot of money.
Not everywhere in Canada has middle school. The areas I grew up, elementary school goes from Juniour Kindergarten (mainly 4 year olds) to grade 8 (mainly 13 year olds), then there's high school with grades 9-12.

When I was indoctrinated, there was only one kindergarten. No juniour, no senior. Just regular kindergarten. I was also in the last wave of high schoolers to have grade 13/OAC. I didn't realize how lucky I was to be on "the old curriculum" until I started hearing about this "new curriculum" that's always changing. For example, in my day (ugh, like I'm 89!) we got better grades in English for using critical thinking and voicing our opinions. These days, kids are more made to regurgitate information. We also had easier to understand report cards. Everyone knows A's are good, F's are not, and NI means Needs Improvement. These days? It took me several assignments before realizing "He's not giving A++s! He's actually writing 4++...wtf is 4? There's a 100% written in the corner, so I guess it's technically an A++..." I think they still use NI for needs improvement.

We had a lot more freedom when I was in school. It was still stifling, but we had some. We had playground equipment and sand. Jungle gym's and monkey bars and slides and stuff. Now it's a concrete slab for a playyard at many schools.

I hear Montessori schools are really good. But they're also really expensive. Public schools go on strike a lot. Montessori, never.

Overall, parents are forced to send their kids to school otherwise they're considered negligent. Like with vaccinations. If you don't, you will probably have the kids taken away. So we send them off, usually to public schools because they're free and that's what most of us can afford, and when they come home we ask "So what did you learn in school today?"
"Oh, nothing." They reply.
From the mouths of babes.

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Hi Lotte! I'm currently a student so like I know how the system works. For me, I come from Scotland. So my country is pretty liberal and open minded. I loved school since I was a child and I still do. There's a couple of reasons for this:
- We communicate well with our teachers. Majority are on the same wave length as us.
- We have a great choice of subjects and are allowed, even encouraged to voice our opinions.
- My school actually focuses on Human rights and Child poverty a lot! The school curriculum in Scotland was specifically reviewed and changed for the new generation. 

I have many more reasons but as you may know, Scotland had a referendum for independence last year and let me tell you right now: If we had one today, we would become independent. The people the prevented it was the older generation. If you ask anyone in Scotland if they like the gov, or David Cameron, you will get the blunt answer of no. 

I personally feel the school education system in Scotland is good, it doesn't discriminate based on income (you still get private schools but the state schools are open for everyone) 

Race isn't an issue, of course you get the odd, ignorant piece of shit but I really couldn't care less!  Smile

Our books are provided for us, if you want extra, teachers try their utmost to help you get them. We learn foreign languages so we have the extra hand for the future. My school is strict in regards to truancy and that but with good reason. Bad attendance = Bad grades. 

Big Grin  wow, this is my longest post ever.

I really tried to sum it up!
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I went to an independent part government funded catholic school, so I dunnoe, I liked it (got a good classical education as much as you can call it that) but ,still don't think it prepared me very well for the world, would have done much better with expensive private tuition. Oh and homeschooling from smart parents...

Whether for good or bad the school system in Britain is overrun by guilt ridden liberals btw, nothing like the american Prussian based nationalist system. No flag waving , constitution reading at schools here...
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In the US the school system is second to none. Unfortunately, that's more literal than figurative.
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