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There is no box

12-23-2015, 06:05 PM #1
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Do you live in a box? Or, to be exact, do you live with the idea that there is a fixed truth? Personally i think most people live in self-created boxes of thinking. At one point in their life they make up their mind that what they believe at that point must be the truth and from then on will stick to this “truth” for the rest of their lives. This belief that you might have is formed by all the experiences that you have had up until this point. Your parents, peers and general public will brainwash you if you let them. Brainwash into believing the things that everyone else believes around you. But is that a wise thing to do?  By following the general belief do we perpetuate the old systems of beliefs that continue to keep us from asking questions?
I have resisted other people’s ideas for most of my life. The reason i have been doing this is because i was never satisfied with the answers i received to my many questions. I am a curious boy who asks questions whenever something makes no sense to me. I must have driven my parent’s nuts with these questions. The big why questions like; why do i have to do what you tell me to, or, why do my brothers keep bullying me (although they still claim they didn’t), why do people believe in god or any other kind of fairy tale. Never did i get answers that explained it all to me. All i heard were answers like; because that is the way it is, or, people have always been doing it like this and more such nonsense answers to cover up the fact that my parents also did not really know why.
It is of course no big surprise that my parents did not know the answers to my questions. They were just as brainwashed into never questioning the most basic and fundamental stuff of life. They learned from their parents and them from theirs and this goes back all the way. One continuous stream of passing on what you have learned from your parents. And what were these people taught? Just look back at history and see how ordinary people have been treated by their rulers for as long as we humans have been around. We have been treated badly and that is the understatement of the century.
I just never understood why some people can claim authority over someone else. Even parental authority is not automatically logical to me. Sure, i can understand that kids need guidance in their early years and we learn from our parents how to interact with other people. What i do not understand why a lot of parents either don’t encourage enough or encourage too much. Parents who want their kids to be doctors and lawyers or a football player or tennis star only show affection when their kids excel at whatever they do. Is it the need to see your kid achieve what you could not when you were young? Why can we not just facilitate the development of children’s talents and encourage their natural curiosity to its full potential? You try to answer all the questions children have and as soon as is possible you teach them how to find the answer themselves, in books and now also on the internet. Teach your kids to be curious and empathic.  Let them make up their own mind and explain to them that everything they hear or read is just an opinion of someone else, it is not true or false, but just the viewpoint of another person. Nothing more, nothing less. But a lot of people think that some stuff is “true” and other stuff not and they can get upset if you question their TRUTHS. They do not accept other people’s views. They even force their views upon people who think different.
I no longer accept or care about the views of people who clearly do not accept or care about mine. These people live in self-created boxes of their reality, they never leave their box, and they cannot even imagine that there is an outside of the box. I do not believe in boxes and i make an effort to remind myself on a regular basis that what i am doing must be rubbish. Learning and questioning everything for the rest of my life. Never satisfied with the current answers as long as there is injustice in this world i will question why.

Pease, Curiosity and Diversity to you all

"Breathe in, Breathe out"
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