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Maurice Strong, father of the globalist eco-control movement, dies

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Thanks for posting. He was a big-time player in the globalist movement indeed. 

Also, for those who do not know: beware the term "sustainable development" at all costs. From the article:

Quote:He was also in a unique position to push his agenda, which, as Jacqueline Kasun points out in The War Against Population, included abortion, openness to the occult, and pagan nature worship.
But that was hidden behind euphemisms and disguises, including the term “sustainable development.” As pointed out by Raulston Saul, Strong was able “to conceptualize and explain sustainable development when no one knew what it was.”
Perhaps that’s because by design, it’s meant to represent an infinitely elastic concept that could morph to include whatever measures allegedly were needed to curb population growth for the sake of the environment.