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Accepting what life throws at you is sometimes very difficult. Most of us who are able to read a blog like this are very fortunate compared to so many others who cannot afford this luxury and struggle to get enough to eat or worse. And i will admit that even some of us who can read this blog could be terribly unhappy about something. Life is just not working out as it should, you are desperate for love, your work is making you ill and unhappy or worse, you have a disabling disease or other malfunction of your body or brain. OK i admit, this list could be endless. A complete catalogue of misery will never be written, because there is no end to the diversity of suffering.
And now here is the strange thing (only strange at first glance), the people who suffer most are usually the ones who accept this misery much better. This is not so in all cases of course but i am talking about this in a general way. When is see on TV some reportage about Africa and see people who compared to me are financially much poorer, i also see that they are overall much happier people. They smile a lot and are content as long as they have enough food. I am not trying to lessen or ignore their misery. A lot should still be done about this. And i also realize that things can be a bit deceiving on camera. People all act a bit different when one of those recording devices is present. But still i get the idea that these people are so much more accepting of their situation and can thus still enjoy life. This is why i think that these people still smile and can enjoy life. They accept the fact that they are where and when they are and just try to make the best of what fate has thrown at them.
This acceptance of your fate, karma, kismet, fortune or lot, is what the more unfortunate have learned to cope with. I also see this acceptance more in disabled or chronically ill people. Where i don't see it, or at least significantly less, is with people who are actually more fortunate. Healthy people who have jobs and/or live in a modern and rich society. I myself used to live in a modern city in the hollow country but all i see around me are miserable people who complain and are unhappy. Nothing is good enough. Little issues and problems get blown out of all proportion. People are aggressive (more and more lately) and jealous of what others have. And no one (generalization) accepts what they have. Again i am not trying to belittle, deprecate, deride or dismiss anyone’s personal problems. All that i am saying is that people just don't accept as much. They worry about the future and are stuck in the past, while they could live in the now! Complaining about something does not get you anywhere. What you should do is, look what situation you are in now, think on where you want to go or what you want to do, and start taking actions that will get you there.
Think about this:
  •  Whatever is in the past is done! It has happened, the passing of time has set it in stone, and there is nothing you can change about it anymore.
  • Whatever will be in the future is yet a blank page! No one knows what the future will bring.
  • And the now is here, permanently waiting for you to do something!

Only learn from it. That is really the only thing that is good about the past. We can learn from it, and usually (irony) how to not do it the same way again. Do not regret a mistake, learn to not do it again and get over it.
And then there is the future. The future is later and has not arrived yet. The future will come for each and every one who continues to breathe. An unstoppable force with infinite possibilities. As time progresses each moment is just a string of infinite now’s. Each moment is a possibility to do something. So you have infinite chances at infinite changes you can make. Now is as good a moment as the next, so why wait? Stop complaining and do something. And while you are doing this, you might as well do something for someone else.

So whatever is in the past, even if it is a second ago, is done. If there is nothing you can do about anything anymore, why worry or think about it?

Pease, Curiosity and Diversity to you all

"Breathe in, Breathe out"
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Such a great post. I really needed that. 

Thank you JackTrades! Your posts are on point.

"Happiness only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless
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Very well written indeed, my friend. Thank you.

At rest, may all beings be happy at heart.
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