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MK Targeting average people
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12-16-2015, 11:11 PM #1
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Wondered if any members here know anything about organized targeting programs, either MK Ultra, monarch, mothers of darkness, or  CIA/other govt organizations. Directed at average folks.

I've heard of so many different accounts from people who feel they're targeted in various ways/methods. Be it remote influence, direct interference with recurring individuals, or by groups like the Masons and such.

I've got a laundry list of evidence I may be targeted, won't go into much detail since it would go on for pages (still might write some books as TU suggested)

But it goes so deep and its often a large web of incidents. And many times the victims of said targeting end up sounding crazy by the sheer amount of paranoia it can seem like.

But knowing so much about MK programs, I think most of us can agree it does run deep, and its part of how these folks operate when targeting/manipulating individuals.

Is there any way out? What sort of things (not so obvious or detectible) happen when individuals are targeted lifelong?

And what kind of purpose does it serve in the end?

I'm a nobody. So is my family. But on mom and dad's side there's mountains of evidence supporting the idea they're part of an MK ring.

I feel bad for both my mother and father, they don't know much about this stuff. But they're so messed up because of it. Whenever my mom researches stuff surrounding MK programs she has a programming break... She seems so crazy sometimes. Downright paranoid. I know she's telling the truth though... But there's nothing I can do or really, anyone can do. These crime organizations are in a complex web, and are covered by many angles. The strongest defence is... "Insanity"

It's an ugly truth. But I just don't get it at all. Why average people? Is mental torture some powerful occult tool? Draining people of their sense of self and self direction? 

Is it for financial gain? Or are there more targeted people than I'm realising here, and its part of beginning the NWO rule?

I feel like I sound crazy, and I can barely think of anything coherent to question. But its so complex, I don't know what I'm asking or where it all begins.

The most high exalting and I ain't halting 'til I die of exhaustion and inhale my exhaust fumes.

12-16-2015, 11:34 PM #2
The Creeper
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If I think I understand you correctly, I would say that damn near everybody in the '1st' world countries is under some form of mind control and there are different levels.

Even the elite are under mind control. They are born into rich families and always told they are superior to everyone else, constantly have jinn in their ears and if they go against their families wishes they usually end up dead.

Then you have the people at the bottom of the system. Raised in front of TVs (and other forms of mass mind control) that often glorify sex and violence (these images will affect you psyche whether you know it or not), raised in an educational system desinged like a prison to make you conform to societies ideal by the time you are grown. We are all drugged as well and if they don't give you pills they will still get you with fluoride. We all have weaknesses and suffer some form of trauma in our lives which the programmers can prey on if they want to full on MK you.

I have no doubt there are cults and other underground things happening. As well as gangstalking which can involve people and jinn targetting an individual (but I must admit, I have no idea how they choose who to do this to).

Then we get into military and police indoctrination (because they are clearly the good guys). Belief in the legal and political systems (despite them being bought and paid for). Religious indoctrination where real religion is perverted and used for sex and violence (often against young impressionable minds).

The system relies on mass mind control.

If people were not conditioned to accept the system, we simply wouldn't accept it.

I hope that helped, im not too sure what you are asking and im not in a good place right now to be honest.
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12-16-2015, 11:47 PM #3
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Well, if I could compare the type of MK on regular folks I'm referring to, it would closely resemble the type of MK Rosemary went through in "Rosemary's baby"

Not so much the birthing a devil baby. But how everyone in her life was there to manipulate her in an undetectable way. That movie always gives me the willies, having been in similar situations myself. Polanksi did a good job showing how it works. Though he's a terrible person, and it was a "agenda hidden in plain sight".

Gangstalking is a new term here for me. Sounds about right...

These MK handlers can be anyone in the victims life, and seem totally normal. It's just weird I always knew something was wrong. I sometimes fear they'll do their best to " capture" and "condition" me someday if ii don't shut my mouth.

Remote influence is a scary thought. Maybe I am paranoid. But I'm tech savvy enough to know how easy it is to cause someone to have a heart attack with radio/electrical interference.
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12-17-2015, 12:21 AM #4
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I don't think they are in need of you, unless you would have something special to offer. But if "they" are really after you, then, there is nothing you can do about it but to run and hide.
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12-17-2015, 01:31 AM #5
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I must disagree with what Mint05 has aid. Of course there are things you can do. 

Research your ancestry. We all now that bloodlines are all-important in their schemes. If they are targeting you, it is most likely for a specific purpose, and it may come clear if you find out what traits/skills/weaknesses you have inherited.

You've already mentioned that you are quite sure that your parents have been affected by targeting and/or programming. Talk to them about what they remember when they were young: perhaps you can pinpoint specific events, locations, or people that have had an impact on them, that may be impacting you.

I am not advocating a full-on psychoanalysis of your parents, but I am betting that a few gentle discussions will do the trick, and maybe even start one or more of you on a new path toward healing. A little mutual support can go a long way. 

You'll be better able to keep a wary eye out for trouble when it tries to darken your door. And when it does, refuse to let it enter. (Remember that old legend about inviting vampires inside? It holds true for all kinds of monsters...)The best way to defend yourself and your loved ones from evil people/things/situations is to say "No!" at the outset. 

Oh, and don't discount the power of prayer. I'm not being flip, either. Real, earnest, active praying is a powerful tool in positively affecting the outcome of any situation, especially when it comes to spiritual warfare. You can pray to angels, or Jesus/Yeshua, or directly to God for help, and it will come. 

You can do this, Trenton. You have the knowledge, the strength and the will to get through these trials. Don't let those fkrs get you down.
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12-17-2015, 03:14 AM #6
Thy Unveiling
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I don't think they always target specific people, though of course they have specific targets as well. But I think sometimes they just want to f with people, or are running secret experiments or who knows what...

There's this area of town I've lived in a few times over the years. When I first moved there, I heard rumors it was built on an old burial ground. Bs, I thought. But there was some disturbing activity in the house, and a nasty intense horrible vibe throughout quite a few subdivisions in that general vicinity. Paranormal, perhaps, but I don't think it exists purely on its own...one night before I was Expecting my daughter, I was out for a late walk on a night off with a couple friends from work. Which was our custom at the time, and I always had a feeling were being watched. The one guy got that feeling, too, the other didn't want to acknowledge it. The feeling would get really intense sometimes, enough to send the two of us hurrying home.
Anyways, one day the three of us decided to try going down a street we'd never walked before. We live in a continuously expanding small city that wants to be Toronto one day. As soon as we turned down that street, I heard this really high pitched ringing in my ears that wouldn't stop and my senses were on high alert. I refused to speak a word, but the guys never noticed. I have no idea what they were talking about, I was focused on trying to hear beyond the high pitch. "The streetlamps are spying on us and recording their conversation" I thought. As soon as we were away from that street, the ringing and intense paranoia eased.

Another night, we went under a nearby bridge to smoke one. There was a very strange energy in the air, and bizarre circles of rocks. Like someone, or some group, had deliberately set dozens of large rocks in circular formations. (I took pics and later asked a pagan i knew if she could explain this. She could not.) I wanted to gtfo asap. It was a very oppressing feeling being there.

I've also noticed certain stores send me into panic attacks. I avoid Costco after a miserable experience. Then what my mom witnessed a month ago turned me off for good! My mom's always been snippy with me for having panic attacks (or anxiety, I don't see much difference) so for her to say she was on the verge of having one last time she was in Costco is something. Like, she's always made it seem like I'm faking it for attention. Yeah, because its so much fun being off my rocker like that...anyhow, so she was fighting one when all of a sudden this lady near her starts losing it TU-style. Except when her kid said something (and the kid was concerned because her mom wasn't her mom atm) she smacked the kid. Big mistake, obviously, but woah all of a sudden store security's grabbing the kid and saying CAS is being called and telling her "You're not getting the kid back." Say what you will about her smacking the kid, I don't think it was right of her either and I do think she probably felt that anxiety building up and should have left the store before reaching her snapping point. However, the fact that panic/anxiety attacks are apparently triggered by Costco seems rather fishy to me...and the way the mom was behaving once they took the kid like that was heartbreaking; and the impression I get is there's Something Planned to this whole thing. Like they want people to snap and smack their kids so Costco and a bunch of witnesses can say "Bitch be crazy, smacking her kid around, trippin' over nuthin'! She be doin' that here, what she do at home?" (At home she's probably more calm and enjoys cuddling her kid.) But yeah, makes ya sound crazy and like a defender of child abuse. Which I'm not. But anyway.

Oh right, and there's also been a few times where I swear I've been gangstalked. Like when I lived in that disturbing area. Or going into Walmart. Or even the mall. I honestly think there's some sick group that just wants to piss people off. Like everywhere you turn, there's another asshole in your way or bumping into you. Or every time you step out, its suddenly a busy time regardless of the hour. Even always getting a cart with a wonky wheel-even when I go and grab a different cart. Doesn't matter how many I try, they always have a wonky effing wheel! Yet someone else grabs one; no wonk. Wtf?! Htf does that work?

Anyhow. I ended up typing a novel. I'm not entirely sure of their rhyme, but we know the end-game reason is their way of serving Satan. I think they're trying to drive us insane, or at least make us look crazy when we either snap or talk about it.

Oh! The blind guy! There's this blind guy who I swear has some weird game going. He has that stick and uses it like it should, but he'll chase people with it. Not like a weapon, but he'll walk right close to a girl (always a girl) who backs out of his way, but I swear to f he follows them! He did it to me, tap tap tapping everywhere I tried to move OUT of his way. Finally I called him out and of course he played the "I'm blind. You're crazy" card. Then he went and did it to another girl, exact same game, and she Looked at me like "I get what you mean!" and I just nodded like "Yup!" He could just be some perv, or he could be a plant.

Oh and don't add people you don't know on Facebook even if they have mutual friends. My roommate is part of a trans group on there and the...leader? pm'd the members warning them that a friend of hers, who is a retired cop turned private detective, was approached to make a profile and join groups and make friends on Facebook and other social media. Why? (He turned the job down, allegedly) but they're obviously looking for something. Probably people like Creeper, Sophia, and I. Because we're "domestic terrorists" Tongue

Yep. I sound completely insane.

Edit: forgot to mention the private plane that was always circling over my old neighborhood. Always. Even at 3am. 4am. 5am. Because that's not suspicious at all. Never saw it anywhere else in town. Yet it was always hovering when I went for walks.
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12-17-2015, 05:26 AM #7
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About Costco... I think I know what goes on when people snap like that.

I hate going to Walmart, in particular (among other places but)

Not the crowds, or trashy people... I used to think it was social anxiety. But I've noticed something.

Even at 3 am... My partner and I will go out to shop so we can avoid crowds. When were in the Walmart, well feel nauseous, unease and paranoia, even though there's only like 10 other people out at Walmart this late. I realise it wasn't the people making us pissed off (usually ending in fights that have turned ugly, even when we were having a great day prior) it was the radio waves.

Like, electrical pulses, or the fluorescent lights, or cellular waves... Dunno what but especially at night you can hear a low hum or ringing or buzzing. Sometimes it feels like whatever machine is emitting these waves are on full blast certain days.

Maybe it's to alter mind states, to make folks buy more than they need or something. Or maybe it's a social experiment, with all the security cams everywhere, seeing who looks puzzled and reacts. Maybe to adjust the technology for maximum effectiveness.

Those security cameras aren't for theft prevention, believe me. When I was younger and drunk all the time, I stole shit from Walmart all the time. And I wasn't too sly about it, believe me. Never even questioned.

I think this technology is used in many different places. And knowing my tablet or PC or phone could emit mind altering waves doesn't surprise me. Especially since I've felt the effects intensely at times. (Could be wrong, but it seems completely plausible)

I worry for the day it takes over and controls people so much they can't think for themselves anymore. 

Or, scarier even than losing "free will", is using mind altering waves to induce severe suicidal thoughts. 

Imagine tons of people suddenly killing themselves. I'd be like in "The Happening" but not the plants sending pheromones... Itll be our smart devices sending these waves.

I have more to add, but maybe later. Gonna sort my thoughts a bit before I get ahead of my mind, lol.

The most high exalting and I ain't halting 'til I die of exhaustion and inhale my exhaust fumes.
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12-17-2015, 06:04 AM #8
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It seems your parents, your mother more so, is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

As we all lack knowledge on MK Ultra/Mind Control programmes we can't really confirm if she has or hasn't.

If she has been, I don't know the cure to being 'set free', It's most likely a safe word or something.

On the other hand, if she's been paranoid long enough about it - maybe she has just convinced herself she has been and nothing is actually wrong.

I honestly can't say what it is but as long as your there to support her, that's what matters I guess.
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12-17-2015, 06:07 AM #9
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I have tried researching my family bloodline, but come to cold tracks quickly at my grandparents generation.

My father's biological mom and dad died in this shady airline crash, that has MK on the maniacs intentions written all over it:


I can't find anything on my grandparents family... I have the maiden names and all that, but nothing else. I have to dig deeper.

As for my mom's family... The genealogy is odd. My aunt looked stuff up with a subscription to ancestry.com and came up with conflicting evidence who our great grandparents are... Leading to a huge dispute and rage among her and my mother. I need to look into this as well.

And @mint05

It seems they've mostly fucked with me my whole life. I dunno if there's something special to me. Unlikely. But if its special occult wise, bam. I could understand it. All my "programming" or whatever revolved around doctors, psychiatrists, and other social workers keeping me on a tight leash in my teen years. And they were very manipulative. Especially when I questioned (psychiatrists mostly) about the ghosts/psi phenomena I experienced.

It was strange, they didn't talk to me like I was schizophrenic. Though other patients claiming the same stuff (who did sound attention seeking or legit psychotic) would be scolded and reassured by the doctors to wait for the meds to start working.

While inpatient on and off 3 years at a private mental hospital, they tried me on medication after medication. All while my "psychosis" never waned. Nor did I sound incoherent or delusional (they said this to me many times, almost baffled at my case)

At times the doctors spoke to me in terms like this:

"If your telling the truth, then you're going to be here a long time Wink"

Or "You need to stop, aren't you too old to have imaginary friends?"

Or "I know its very real to you. We will discuss this later with Dr.*******"

Always treating me as completely rational. And taking me very seriously if a medication gave me bizarre side effects. They didn't give a shit when other patients complained about their meds. But were very attentive to me at any moment. Even giving me special privileges other patients could never have. Private walks on campus, smoke breaks outside (never happens to anyone else lol)

Level 1 is suicide watch, levels 2-3 is cafeteria privilege, level 4 is almost unobtainable. And I was on level 4 1/2... Level 5 = discharge time, legality wise.

It was always so fucking weird.

As nice as they treated me (like you'd treat a lab rat.. taking meds and tons of written tests all the time is torture at some point)

They were always creepy as hell. I'd often end up lying to leave asap and get discharged.

But I'd always end back up in the institution. Sometimes not knowing how I got there. And if I asked how I got there, they'd refuse to tell me. Like, total amnesia between being at home, or at the park, and its suddenly 10 hours later and I'm signing paperwork to be admitted.

I've thought, maybe I've got multiple personalities (could) but when I ask the docs why I was "blue papered" (involuntary commitment, saved for violent offenders or suicide attempts) they didn't comment. I'm sure if their goal was to rehabilitate me, they'd tell me if I was being violent or a danger to myself.

It was shady as fuck. I was living at a cult-like group home at the time. That I lived in for 4 years. Most residents stay for a week, or a month or two. It's a teen halfway house. Not a foster home.

Oddly they opened just a year before I moved in, and were shut down right after I moved out. (Kicked out rather, long story, wasn't anything I did trust me, I was very well behaved for the most part)

Also for reoccurring "handler" types. The folks who worked at my group home, also worked at my daycare from when I was little. (Small world huh) At this daycare they did some messed up stuff... Hitting me, and I remember a dark room in the back they'd take us in and do weird light shit.  I ended up mute from ages 3-4 because of what happened there.

I really should look into this stuff. But I'm mildy afraid of how far this rabbit hole goes.

I live distant and removed from my old life. I live mostly safe and comfortable and don't worry about running into these old characters. But if I went digging I might not be free forever.

Who knows. My curiosity is too strong to not look into it though.

The most high exalting and I ain't halting 'til I die of exhaustion and inhale my exhaust fumes.
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12-17-2015, 06:10 AM #10
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(12-17-2015, 06:04 AM)Goku Wrote:  It seems your parents, your mother more so, is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

As we all lack knowledge on MK Ultra/Mind Control programmes we can't really confirm if she has or hasn't.

If she has been, I don't know the cure to being 'set free', It's most likely a safe word or something.

On the other hand, if she's been paranoid long enough about it - maybe she has just convinced herself she has been and nothing is actually wrong.

I honestly can't say what it is but as long as your there to support her, that's what matters I guess.

She is paranoid, but she's telling the truth. Nothing she says is unordinary. She went through intense psychological trauma as a child at the hands of her Mason/cop stepfather. I might go into detail another time... But its more for blog posting than sharing here...

I'll connect the dots sooner or later. It's a deep web to climb through.

The most high exalting and I ain't halting 'til I die of exhaustion and inhale my exhaust fumes.
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