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False Gods: Negative aliens, the negative ego archetype, and mass mind control tech

12-10-2015, 12:13 PM #1
novam terram
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I've been perusing this site lately, thought I would share some of it here for anyone who might be interested. This is mostly outdated information, the systems of negative influence on the planetary grids are being dismantled. Much has been done, but there's still a long way to go. I personally don't agree with absolutely everything expressed within this site, but it's still a good overview of the overall control system that has been in place on Earth for many millennia.

Quote:Because these Entities in the NAA [Negative Alien Agenda] believe themselves to be Superior as a “God”, using or creating inferior beings to run energetic waste is their inherent design. (We see these beliefs superimposed upon the human pawns that are in positions of power to rule this plane and have lost their identity as a true human.) These Entities became a false albeit perceived “Supreme God” of their own replicated worlds, and energetically enslaved others to serve their continued existence and “rule”. Toxic with the ultimate delusion of the Supreme Ego Arrogance as a self proclaimed “God-King” these entities became the “Fallen Ones” or Fallen Angelics.

The Fallen Ones started to infect their diseased minds with the Mental Laws they created as falsely masked Universal Truths. To make this actualized in physical they cultivated their human and non-human contacts into alliances that would serve these agendas. The Fallen Ones infected the God-King lineages of the planet and replaced beliefs of sovereignty and freedom as Universal Truth to concepts of Hierarchal Enslavement, genetic discrimination and karmic retribution. As they proclaimed and defended themselves as the True God Creator, the War over God and God’s Natural Laws became the main power conflict in our system. These False Gods in their corrupt actions to have dominion and control over others imprinted the Mental Laws with the dark archetype of the False God-False King of Tyranny. The Kings of Tyranny fought amongst themselves as they usurped the Sovereign Truth belonging to the One, and the battle for the True God became the primary battle within multiple dimensions of existence. 3D Humans were dragged into the conflict as pawns to act out this drama and actualize the battle over God in the physical world. As above, so below, and the War Over God has been the Battle of Personal Wills to come to the Great Revelation of Truth to be discovered in these End Times.

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