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When Does Evil Stain?

12-08-2015, 10:08 PM #1
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Is a white table cloth ruined by a noticeable wine stain? If all can be forgiven when asked, does repentance change the image of a 'bad' person? Is it the suffering inflicted to all mankind the weight by which we compare selfless acts, as to measure someones moral?

Stealing, lying, cheating and ignorance are considered petty, and unless a lifetime is spent without recourse, these acts aren't the frame which people label others as devious beings. Murder or rape and be branded for life without a second glance at the possibility of altruism before hand.

Bill Cosby vs. Aleister Crowley - both accused of p***philia and rape, although Cosby admitted to rape and Crowley it's uncertain.
Anton Lavey vs Marilyn Manson - Anton spread the work of satan and gathered more souls for his worship, as has Manson. Lavey physically hurt others and supported MKUltra, but Marilyn Manson never tortured followers.
Charles Manson vs Adolf Hitler - Neither with there own hands committed murder, but are forever labeled evil, but many popes crucified innocents.

These cheesy examples are to a point: What volume of corruption permanently labels an individual as evil, despite any number of selfless sacrifices for others?

Politicians and lawyers have careers from lying. Soldiers are paid to kill. Banks and business have flourished from theft. Some religions have much history of rape.

If we're all 'bad' and no one is good, how do we discriminate? Can past deeds makeup for devil worshiping? Where do people draw distinctions between a 'good' or 'bad' person, especially if they lived a rather ambiguous life within morals, philosophy and religions. Is it to say one's branded when murder is done in their own name, or subscribing to an ideology without repentance, or a lifetime of crime?
Does evil lay in the intention, the will of an individual, regardless of the outcome?

Forget all the examples, I hope you get the point.

EDIT: Since when is pedo-philia a 'bad' word? haha Wink
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Morality is separate from action in my opinion because all decisions are made out of ignorance. There are too many factors acting on any given situation for anyone (no matter how well informed) to make an informed decision. The only way good and evil would factor into human decision making at all is if all the variables were known to the chooser at the time of the decision and how all possible actions would play out. At that point you could decide whether you are an evil demon or a benevolent god based on how you wanted the story to end. Only the players are good and evil, the rest of us have intention.

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