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Today terrorism is our common worry

12-07-2015, 10:55 AM #1
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For my first topic I want to share 2 letters. It is from Iran leader to the youth in the west.

The first one is a little old. after  charlie hebdo attack. you can read it here. (you can search it in internet by letter4u hashtag)

The second one is after recent terrorist attack in paris and you can read it here.

I didn't copied them here cause they are long. The summary is that ISIS  is not true islam. And the media in west hyping them to spread islamophobia. It just invite everyone to investigate the truth, not judge things only by watching TV.
I usaully  trust the peoples that encourage researching and thinking, not just believing.

Please read at least 70% and then say your criticisms.
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12-07-2015, 11:13 AM #2
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Thank you for sharing.

It is already widely known and understood that these "terrorists" are not Muslims and not reflecting Muslim sentiment at all - they are Mercenaries...

take for example this terror attack in Leytonstone, East London - the guy who stabbed two people whilst claiming "this is for Syria" was unknown to the Muslims of Leytonstone. The Imam of Leytonstone Masjid expressed clearly to the gathered media that this terrrorists was not an attendee of the local mosque in Leytonstone.

He was a sleeper sent to cause havoc - by a third party - that's what I believe.

Once he was arrested by police, one onlooker was quick to shout out "YOU AINT NO MUSLIM BRUV" a statement which is currently trending on Twitter and other social media, becoming viral as the majority of the UK's citizens also echo that sentiment - because they know and live, work, play alongside Muslims and understand Islam is peaceful and not violent.

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12-07-2015, 05:55 PM #3
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Thanks for reading. I like to share it to more people. Have any suggest? website or anything?
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