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The Weeknd

11-23-2015, 04:38 PM #1
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Abel Tesfaye, also known as "The Weeknd," has gained massive popularity in a short time. People are even calling him the "New Michael Jackson" (eh ...he's awesome but not to be compared to MJ). He used to be my favorite artist back in his underground days. His music has always had an eerie and violent feel to it so that's why I was very shocked when he got as popular as he did. I would have never imaged that I'd be able to turn on the radio and hear a Weeknd song.
     His style of music is still eerie and violent, but with more of a "pop" feel to it. I want to hear yall's (excuse me, I'm from Texas Big Grin ) thoughts about the artist and also how yall think the industry plans to use him to its advantage.
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We spoke a bit about him here:


His music always, even from his underground days in 2011, has represented what the Elite want from their artists. I knew he was going to be famous from his first EP, you probably did too.

Regardless of that though, he is and will remain one of my favourite artists of all time, he's similar to MJ but doesn't carry the positive messages he does - he's basically on the other side of the spectrum to MJ, which the Elite want - so they probably won't 'kill him off' anytime soon.