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360 degree view on Youtube.

11-20-2015, 07:32 AM #1
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With the acceleration of surveillance, I can't help but think this 360 view ''technology'' is just a method, of further capturing the background of individuals, to further infiltrate their personal space, and location know-how. Think about it, as cameras progress on phones they specialise in taking wider shots (To demonstrate the persons location clearer) You use this 360 degree view, which requires you to orientate the camera in a 360 degree spin..capturing everything that's in the individuals environment. I feel gradually, they want everyone on the net, to post on perhaps robot automated threads all over the internet, and if you cross the line of potential revolutionist they'll give you a background check, to see if you they can narrow, and pin-point your where-abouts and who knows, send a drone, take you out? and boom, call it a house-fire. 

Scary shit.

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